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Heartfelt Mirroring

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, The Mirror wave continues in this Moon of Action, bringing an ongoing perceptual shift around how we take action and live what we believe​. With the Wounded Healer/Teacher Chiron newly arrived in Aries for a long stay, ​we’re being invited to cease compulsively acting from our places of wounding and more maturely live our gifts in a fully embodied way. On Saturday before […]

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Serpent-Danced Warrior Gazes in the Mirror

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Here we are, liberated Eagles taking flight on the last of ten Serpent portal days, where we’ve been danced into a sensual and sensory experience of being infused with cosmic energy.  Tomorrow, we emerge from the portals to integrate this energy into a greater Warrior presence and embodiment. We’re met by the Wounded Healer Teacher Chiron striding […]

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Poetic Sensiblities Meet Bold Action

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Mercury moves into into Pisces today, and hangs out the​re until mid-April. This is a long time for Mercury to stay in one sign (more than three times as long as usual). This is due to a retrograde coming in early March. The thinking and communicating function of Mercury in the diffuse, watery-soul sign of Pisces […]

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Attunement into Action

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Here we are in the waning days of the Moon of Attunement, coming to know our selves as Human in new ways. In support of this, a new Renewal essence has emerged and is ready to share! This essence, made of the Full Moon in rainwater just moments after the recent Total Lunar Eclipse, has a […]

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Attuning to Our Humanness

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, I hope the Total Lunar Eclipse was amazing for you in all the best ways! I made an essence of the refreshed and renewed Moon just as the eclipse ended, gathering rain water and then gorgeously clear moonlight! The new essence is called Renewal, and has such a lovely strong gentleness and […]

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Red Moon Creative Gifts Attunement

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Tonight is a Total Lunar Eclipse, visible throughout the Americas and parts of Europe (should you be fortunate enough to experience clear skies). Red Moon, colored by all the sunrises and sunsets on Earth (which is between​ Sun and Moon), is closer to Earth in its cycle too, so this is a […]

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Meeting Life

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, The past couple of days, Mars has been goosing Chiron on its way to entering Aries on Monday, instilling the impetus to spring to life again, and maybe to live our gifts rather than those pesky wounds that keep ailing us and drawing our attention. The will(ingness) to embody and take […]

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A Skywalking Journey

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Having well begun our new form, we now refine it through dimensionally journeying as Skywalkers, humans freely exploring the cosmic worlds way beyond our own. This is Jupiter in Sagittarius time. Live life as a guided  journey… Fittingly, a comet is streaking through the night sky. Listen and watch for the […]

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