Invitingly Living 2022

This years’ course is

only for those who’ve taken the course already.

We’re going deeper!


The time of year when goals, resolutions, and intentions are made is upon us.

I’m not a big fan of these. They too readily perpetuate the colonizing, entitled, “create and get what I want,” war on everything, strategic campaign mentality and approach to life that is perhaps the very thing needing transformation at the deepest levels. Just sayin’!

It’s not about what we want (in case the past year has not made that abundantly clear).

I’ve come to prefer “Inviting” rather than “Intending.”

While this might seem a subtle distinction, so much so that you could do the same old thing and just call it an invitation, what I’m talking about is a radical flip!

The question I offer is,What is the Universe inviting you into?!” 

Let this be the year that you learn to follow Life’s lead, and work with what’s wanting to unfold, instead of efforting and being driven by what you think you want. Now’s the time.

I’ve developed a process for engaging with this question that brings an abundance of Invitations in the form of eloquently articulated areas of life to engage with deeply, rather than things to get, do, or achieve.

These Invitations we can dance with and be danced by throughout the year.

Engaging with this question in meeting what’s to come enables us to deepen into the guiding conversations Life and the Universe are having with us right now (and in every moment), and teaches us a different way of orienting and living that can serve us throughout the year and our lives.

These past two years, groups of us have had epically transformative adventures in Living Invitingly.

The next round is getting underway…


Join us in Discovering & Living Your Invitations!

  • Discover and Receive Your Invitations from Life & the Universe.
  • Articulate Your Invitations using Meaningful & Vivid Names
  • Craft Your Invitations into a Memorable Story Form
  • Get to Know Your Invitations through Exploring their Many Layers
  • Learn to Live Your Invitations, and along the way, to Live Invitingly


Invitingly Living 2022
is a combined course and ongoing learning offered via:

Three live group Inviting 2022 Zooms  (1.5–2 hours), will be recorded

Being Invited
Sunday, December 19th, Noon (Pacific time)

Articulating Our Invitations
Sunday, January, 9th, Noon (Pacific time)

Storying Our Invitations
Sunday, January, 23rd, Noon (Pacific time)


Plus 7 group Living Our Invitations 2022 Zooms over the course of the year  (will be recorded)

These ongoing learning Zooms speak to the themes of what’s unfolding as we learn to live our invitations (rather than trying to make something happen), along the way being taught how to live invitingly.

Zooms begin in February,  Sundays, Noon (Pacific time): 2/27, 4/3, 5/15… with the rest of the dates to be announced in a few months.

We’ll track the unfolding of the year and the living of our invitations as a year-long lunar cycle, moving through the phases of crescent, sextile, waxing square, trine, and full, and all the way back to new. There’s a rhythm and clear phases to learning to live our invitations ~ times of getting to know, of challenge or flow, of fullness, and letting go.

So much deep learning and fellowship has taken place through these Zooms the past three years! 

$65.00 every 3 months for 12 monthsSign Up Now

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Since this year is only for continuing participants,
and will thus be much more intimate,
I’m asking everyone doing Inviting Sessions
to sign up for these Zooms too 
(if you want to be involved in them, or receive the recordings)





Invitingly Living 2022 Sessions

Quarterly Individual Sessions with Li
 as we focus on & attend to the discovery, naming & storying, and unfolding of you living your invitations magnificently!

Individual session are particularly helpful in finalizing & crafting the story form of your invitations, as well as journeying deeply into living them.

Individual Inviting Life Sessions are generally 1.5 hours each, via Zoom (recorded), though the initial articulating and storying of the invitations session is 2 hours (thus the extra $50 at signup).

$250.00 every 3 months for 12 months and a $50.00 sign-up feeSign Up Now

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Now’s the time…

If you’ve journeyed with us before,

you’re invited to join us in Invitingly Living 2022!