There are two ways to stargaze.

You can admire the stars as an outsider — a single, solitary human being, separated by millions of miles from all the twinkling majesty in the sky.

Or, you can get to know the stars as an insider — an intimately connected human being, woven within the universe’s storied tapestry by the stars & planets, the moon & sun. Fully present. Focused and free. Completely and totally IN it.

I’m here to teach you how to stargaze like an insider.

Because real life is always amazing, when you know how to be IN.




I’m Stargazer Li. If you’re brand new to my world, greetings & welcome! 



I’ve been studying the cosmos for over fifteen years, sharing my discoveries with friends, family and fans around the world.

This is my virtual observatory, apothecary & classroom.

There’s lots to explore. Let’s begin here.

You can …

: Sign up for Cosmic Updates. Free monthly low-downs on what’s up. A blend of starry observations, astrological acumen, and calendar themes to help you make sense of what’s going on in your life. I tell it like it is.

: Come to a Stargazing Event. Learn the stars and constellations in one glorious night. See your story, woven into the story dancing before you in the night sky. Come to my home — or fly me to yours. Amazingness abounds.

: Choose an Essence. Vibrational waters infused with planets & stars, trees & stones. Place a few drops on your tongue, close your eyes and come IN.

: Book a private Session. Star-powered guidance that’s profoundly practical. Inviting authentic presence and making positive reframes are my specialties. (More, here.)

: Learn how to Time Travel. It’s not about traveling to another time. It’s about vastly expanding your experience of NOW. An online and by phone class for anyone ready to shift their relationship with time, and anybody who’s ever wondered, “What’s UP right now?” (Details, here.)


Explore & Enjoy!