I’m Stargazer Li.

If you’re new to my world,
greetings & welcome! 

I’ve been conversing with the universe for nearly twenty years,
sharing my discoveries with friends, family, and fans around the world.

This is my virtual observatory, apothecary & classroom.

There’s lots to explore…

: Sign up for Cosmic Updates. Free monthly low-downs on what’s up. A blend of starry observations, astrological acumen, and calendar themes to help you make sense of what’s going on in your life. I tell it like it is.

: Come to a Stargazing Event. Learn the stars and constellations in one glorious night. See your story, woven into the story dancing before you in the night sky. Come to my home — or fly me to yours. Amazingness abounds.

: Choose an Essence. Vibrational waters infused with planets & stars, trees & stones. Place a few drops on your tongue, close your eyes and come IN.

: Book a private Session. Star-powered guidance that’s profoundly practical. Inviting authentic presence and making positive reframes are my specialties. (More, here.)


Explore & Enjoy!