All Night Stargazing


This $80 deposit reserves your spot in this event.

Total Cost is $200 per person.
Balance of $120
due the night of the event.

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Maybe not this summer!


Once or twice year, I lead an All Night Stargazing experience. We watch the entire sky turning in real-time, from sundown through sunrise.

These thrilling events almost-always sell out.

This year’s event will take place:

Outside Sebastopol, CA

Arrive at 4:30pm
We start at 5pm and go until sunrise the next morning!

Come learn nearly the entire starry sky in one night!

We’ll gather before sunset to learn the horizon calendar, then throughout the night in a field under the stars, guided by the visible beam of a green laser, you’ll see and learn the patterns and movements of the constellations, including most of the zodiac and some of the lunar mansions, many of the planets, and folklore from different times and cultures, all the while directly seeing the story that’s unfolding at this time, dosing with planetary essences and essence elixirs, and dancing deeply with the cosmos…

This night will change your relationship with the starry night sky forever!

This evening is especially for those who have experienced a night under the sky with Stargazer Li before, so we can go even deeper into connection with the cosmos, but it is open to first time stargazers who want an immersion experience.

Adults only for the All Nighter.

There will be tea and  potluck snacks through the night, and light breakfast as an option the next morning. You can stay over on Sunday to sleep before heading out by late afternoon if you’d like. Directions will be emailed to registered participants.

Join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity to deeply engage with the universe!

This event often sells out, so sign up early if you’re wanting to attend…

It will be an epic experience!


To register:


1) Make a deposit of $80 per participant to hold your spot(s) at the top of this page.

TOTAL COST for the event:    $200 person                                                     

Balance due upon arrival the evening of the event.

There are a few spots for very low income folks to attend for $120 person, plus four hours of helping. These are to make it possible to attend, not a general low income discount. Email me to request a spot well in advance.

Refunds of your deposit(s), minus a $10 processing fee, can be obtained up to two weeks prior to the event.

If the night gets clouded out, in all or part, there will be a pro-rated refund.

2) Email me with the names and email addresses of the people that will be attending, in how many cars, and where you’re coming from. Also, let me know how you are connected to me, and if you’ve stargazed with me before.

Adults only for this event.