Know the Stars


Venus & the Crescent Moon ~ Photo by Lisa Baiter

Imagine being snuggled up in warm blankets and pillows under a perfectly dark sky ablaze with stars … and having your own personal guide painting the sky with a green laser beam that reaches into the heavens … teaching you the names and movements of the constellations, planets and stars … telling stories and lore of the sky from all different cultures and times … as you watch the cosmos shift & dance toward dawn, before your very eyes …


Stargazing is a life-changing experience — an invitation to set everything else aside, to remember and directly connect at the deepest levels of your being with a vast story that’s been cycling for eons.

My Stargazing events are designed for all ages, all genders, all levels of astronomical knowledge … all human beings.

Leading stargazing events has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life for nearly a decade.

I teach from a field just outside the town of Sebastopol, and at schools, events, private gatherings & retreat centers throughout Northern California and beyond.

I can’t wait to gaze upon the dance of the cosmos, with you!


Choose your starry adventure:


: A Stargazing Intensive

Learn the constellations. Feel at home in the universe!

Event:                Saturday, Sept 16, 2023!  

Location:            Outside Sebastopol, CA

For those summer nights when you might not want to stay out all night under the stars, but still want to learn and come to know the bright shining stars of the Scorpion, the Summer Triangle, the Flying Horse, and so much more. 

Hours of soaking in the stars, and we still send you home before midnight for a long deep sleep, with starlit dreams.

More event details, here…


: An Evening of Stargazing

Learn the major constellations. Feel majorly amazing.

Event:              Maybe not this summer!   

Location:          Outside Sebastopol, CA

Kids younger than 14 year old are also welcome.

For those who prefer to sleep indoors (instead of outside, on a pile of blankets & pillows), An Evening of Stargazing is a beautiful introduction to the cosmos.

Come & gaze in the evening, then head home for a long star-danced sleep.

More event details, here…


: All Night Stargazing

Learn nearly the whole sky … in one night!

Event:         Maybe not this summer!

Location:       Outside Sebastopol, CA

Once or twice year, I lead an All Night Stargazing experience. We’ll watch the entire sky turning in real-time, from sundown through sunrise. These thrilling events almost-always sell out.

More event details, here…


: Bring Me To Your Event

Amazingness on-demand, for schools, events, retreats & parties

Your event + my starry teachings = an evening for the history books!

I’ll take you on a magical journey blending astronomy, history and mythology into a story that is happening in the sky, right before your eyes — a story that YOU are living in!

Pricing & booking details, here…


: The Ultimate Stargazer Li Experience

Over the top. Into the skies. Out of this world.

Planning your annual family reunion? An anniversary, birthday or legendary celebration?

Book me for up to 4 nights of stargazing, Mayan calendar lessons & astrology readings — at your home or vacation destination.

It’s like having your own personal time-traveling wizard — complete with a leather satchel full of star-infused elixirs, binoculars & laser beams!

Pricing & booking details, here…


Some of the many places I’ve taught stargazing:

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

Harbin Hot Springs, Middleton, CA

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, Ojo Caliente, NM

Buckeye Primitive Skills Gathering, Concow, CA

Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, Laytonville, CA

Spirit Weavers Gathering, Cave Junction, CA

Symbiosis Gathering, Oakdale, CA

Gaia Music Festival, Laytonville, CA

Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine, Siskiyou County, CA

Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm, Maricopa, CA

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Occidental, CA

Salmon Creek Elementary School, Occidental, CA

Waldorf School of Orange County, field trips to the Mojave Desert, CA

Spyrock School, back to school campouts in Laytonville, CA 

California Institute of Integral Studies,
     Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program students

Green Valley Village Community, Graton, CA

as well as Private Parties and Gatherings Galore…