Cosmic Mists

Breathe in the cosmos!

 CM set of 4 Sq

Each handcrafted 4oz Cosmic Mist spray bottle blends the essences of planets, trees, rocks, experiences and more, with the deep scent of exquisite essential oils.

Shake to activate.

Spray into the air to diffuse.

Shift your experience & environment instantly!!

“I feel like the Goddess just breathed on me”

Upright Clarity

A Planetary Essence Spray for experiencing a clear head, fluidly floating atop the trunk of our body tree

Ingredients: distilled water, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary essential oils, glycerine, and the planetary essences Saturn Sipper, Mars Mead, and Mercury Mimosa.


A Planetary Essence Spray for loving the living of the longing

Ingredients: distilled water, “Royal Velvet” Lavender essential oil, glycerine, and the planetary essences Jupiter Juice, Venus Vermouth, Moon Milk, and Neptune Nectar.

Deep in the Cave

An Essence Spray for experiencing deeply embodied healing and presence

Ingredients: distilled water, vanilla and cacao essential oils, glycerine, and the essences Entering the Cave, Bear, Honey Paw, Restructuring, and 2 Wizards Journeying.

Sun Kissed Sweetly

An Essence Spray for refreshing and revitalizing

Ingredients: distilled water, sweet orange, balsam, camphor, cinnamon, and eucalyptus essential oils, glycerine, and the essences Sun Shine, Mercury Mimosa, and Aliveness.


Cosmic Mists Set

All 4 Cosmic Mists
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