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Earth’s Moon Freedom Year Overview

Hear this telling of the whole storied year, all at once! Earth’s Moon Freedom Year OVERVIEW This audio gives you a glimpse into each moon of the year, as well as when the big times are coming and what their themes are likely to be. By the end, you’ll have a felt sense of the […]

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Earth’s Moon Freedom New Year

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Such potent, challenging, and amazing times!! The Skywalker Seeding Integration Year draws to a close tomorrow, after much journeying into growthfullness over the past year as we’ve integrated the cosmic and the organic in our beings and lives. Wednesday, July 25th, is the Day Out of Time, which comes after Moon 13, […]

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Earthing Freedom

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, We’re through the growthful Seed portals now, and well into the eclipse season. Whew! What an intensive breakthrough time… Now, we begin to ripen all this transformation into our new way of taking action and living our lives, as today we begin the 13 days of the​ Earth wave. This is […]

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Seeding Earth

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, There’s been a quiet intensity shaping us these days. We’re still in the​ midst of the ongoing open portal days, here in the​ 13-day Seed wave in the​ Moon of Freedom, through Thursday’s New Moon in Cancer partial solar eclipse opposing Pluto. A new degree of freedom is sprouting, one that requires the death […]

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Wood and Knife

Great Wood Carving Knives

For Wood Carving, using a dedicated single-beveled carving knife is the way to go! Morakniv Wood Carving Knife These are the perfect knives for both beginners and more advanced wood carvers! Both are equally good.  Model 120 with 2.4 inch blade great starter carving knife better for smaller hands and projects enables more intricate carving too […]

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Seeds of Freedom

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Did our Moon in great fullness shining with oh so bright red Mars in the southeast keep anyone else awake deep into the past two nights?! During July, Mars is shining brighter than even Jupiter (who can be seen in the south/southwest evenings with Zubenelgenubi). Saturn is dancing around the Teapot​, rising a couple hours earlier than […]

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Freedom through Devotion

Cosmic Update Greetings Keeper of Time, Such a feast of cosmic delightfulness shines for us these summer nights! The past two nights, Moon has been with bright white Jupiter in the southeast, and will still be quite close tonight even as Moon’s visit with bright red Antares draws near (dude, that’s not Mars). By Wednesday night, the Fullness of the the […]

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