Essences are vibrational waters infused with light from the planets and the whispers of trees, rocks, gemstones, flowers, journeys and experiences.

These are real-life “magic potions” designed to shift you back IN to your body and IN to the amazingness of NOW.

Each essence is handcrafted. For the planetary essences I actually suspend water in a glass over a telescope lens pointed at the planet and track it across the sky!

It’s a wonderous process — and when you taste each Essence, you can feel the sparkling aliveness!

Li with Essences

How to Choose an Essence

A great place to begin is with one of the Timely & New Essence Elixirs, which are designed to support you in living and dancing with what the universe is serving up these days. The Timely and New menu section is updated often — so check back to see what’s bubbling!

Beyond that, simply trust your intuition. Each essence teaches you to make a particular shift, so consider what you could use help with energetically right now in your life. Maybe it’s greater embodied presence, or focus amidst transformation, or comforting and nurturing.

As you browse the menu of Essences, see if a particular name or description resonates strongly, and go for it. They’re all fabulous. You can’t go wrong!

Chances are you’ll be drawn to several essences. It can be good to have an array to choose from as one might be perfect for strengthening you in your day to day life, another for totally letting go, and perhaps one for inducing magical adventures or sparking your creativity, and another for deepening into intimacy…


How to Use your Essences

Place a few drops to a half dropperful on your tongue, close your eyes, and take a moment to be with it. Let the essence ripple through your body and being. The shift is subtle, but distinct, and immediate.

You could also place a drop or two on your wrist, and then rub your wrists together. Good if you’d rather not ingest the small amount of alcohol used as a preservative.

You can take an essence once or even multiple times a day. For more effect, take the essence more often (rather than more of it at one time).

You can use several different essences at the same time, by taking them at different times of day.

Care for your essences by keeping them away from heat or direct sunlight, stand them upright as much as possible (so the plastic of the dropper is not in contact with the liquid), and try not to touch the glass dropper with your mouth or hands, in which case they are preserved with alcohol and should last for many years.

Leave your bottles of essences out where you can see them, so you’ll be reminded to use them!


Explore the Menu of Essence Elixirs

Vibrant. Bodacious. Deliciously flavored with cordials & assorted liqueurs.


Explore the Menu of Planetary Essences

Focused. Pure. Subtly flavored with honey liqueur.


Stargazer Li strode into one of my workshops wrapped in a shimmering floor-length jacket, and I knew I was in for a wiiiiiild ride. An astrologer — who’s also an astronomer? She brings the full package: cosmic magnificence + pure common sense.

Her elixirs are fabulous — and very delicious. Most of all? Having them in your home is a perpetual reminder to stop, breathe + appreciate the amazingness of life, every day. Two thumbs up — to the stars!

Alexandra Franzen


I am honored to be offering Stargazer Li’s Essences at the dhyana Center in Sebastopol, Ca. I am blown away daily at the potential each essence has to change someones outlook, health perspective and connection to something bigger. Each Essence is meticulously orchestrated, so we are able to use them in drinks at the Apothecary Bar, for emotional support in our Self Care Studio & during Ayurvedic treatments.

DeAnna Batdorff



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