Follow the Calendar


What if there was a “magical calendar” that allowed you to converse directly with the universe, guiding you with its colorful cues and meaning-rich themes, that turned your “monthly schedule” into a storied time-keeping spiral, and your “To Do List” into an extravaganza of daily synchronicities?


What if you never had to wonder “What the heck’s going on and when is it gonna change?


What if you could tune into the spiraling storylines of the cosmos, just as easily as you tune into the weather report?


I’m delighted to introduce you to this…

Calendar for Keeping Time

Your companion for a year of right-ON-ness


For over 20 years, I’ve been following & refining my own unique interpretation of modernized Mayan time cycles.

I’ve found this particular method of “keeping time” to be uncannily accurate — not just for me, but for thousands of friends & fans around the world.

I’ve been publishing new editions of this Calendar for Keeping Time for over 20 years, and it’s my work and pleasure to share this life-shifting tool with you!


Inside this Calendar, you’ll find colorful symbols showing the themes that are likely to arise on certain days, weeks, moonths, & years — along with stories, sayings & images to illustrate the movement of time as well as the moon, stars & planets.

Once you start following the Calendar, you’ll be amazed at how much sense the universe (finally!) makes … and you’ll be thrilled to see how your story unfolds within the bigger story, with exquisite right-ON-ness.

We’re journeying Wizardly Dog Selfing!


The Wizardly Dog Selfing Year, beginning July 26, 2023, initiates a time of Living Love! 

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to serve as your companion and guide for living the unfolding story of this Wizardly Dog Selfing Year.


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Having a calendar in hand is especially useful while listening to my free in-depth Audio Calendar Podcasts for each Moon of the Year!

How to use your Calendar:


Your Calendar might feel a bit mysterious, at first glance — but once you understand the fundamentals, using it will become as simple as reading your daily horoscope, or glancing at the time on a clock.

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