Learning to Calendar Journey

You’re about to be introduced to a tool for making sense out of what’s going on
and knowing when things are likely to shift.

This movie gives you an overview of how to use my Calendar Journey Guidebook
for keeping time and changing your life.  Enjoy!

Or, you can watch directly on Youtube

Next, take a listen to these two audios to get a deeper sense
of the 13 Numbers and 20 Day Signs that give life and language
to this way of keeping time.

The 13 Numbers

13 Numbers audio

13 Numbers pyramid handout
(print this handout to view while listening)

The 20 Day Signs

20 Day Signs audio

20 Day Signs handout
(print this handout to view while listening)

Now, you’re ready for your own Calendar for Keeping Time and to listen to the Audio Calendar Podcasts for this Earth’s Moon Freedom Year!