Wizard Originating Year Calendar

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I’ll send out a free pdf version of the calendar to those who order here.


Also, I’ll be offering up some Calendar Basics teaching in. I’m thinking to include some recordings plus a Q&A Zoom videoconference. I’ll for sure share how to Find your Birth and This Year Signs & Number, which a lot of folks have been finding very powerful as of late! Learn the Signs, Numbers, Colors, Waves, and Moons of which I speak…

If you’re​ interested in the podcasts and in shifting your relationship and conversation with time, this is for you! This will be FREE TO EVERYONE WHO PURCHASES A PRINTED CALENDAR (or already has) for this Wizard Year. This is a great way to support my work and the podcast, while gaining a language for having a deeper conversation with the​ Universe!

On July 26, 2019, we enter a new calendar year.

The Wizard Originating Year initiates a time of learning to shapeshift in meeting the moment, with greater ease, while trusting ourselves and the unfolding of life! New operating principles of life are emerging…

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Inside this Calendar Journey Guide Book, you’ll find colorful symbols showing the themes that are likely to arise on certain days, weeks, moonths, & years — along with stories, sayings & images to illustrate the movement of time as well as the moon, stars & planets.

This is great tool for viewing while listening to the Audio Calendar Podcasts, as well as seeing the story of the year unfold.


Here’s an example Moon Spiral & Narrative:

Learn More About Following the Calendar Here