Deeply-Rooted Cosmic Guidance

Some readings provide clarity. Others provide confidence or tools for making wiser, braver decisions.

What I offer in a Session… is different. It’s more than a traditional “reading.”

It’s an invitation to be IN.

IN your body. IN the moment. IN the unfolding story of the universe.

With a blend of astrology, Mayan time cycles & a few drops of one of my Essence Elixirs, I’ll show you …

: WHERE you are within a deep and meaningful story, a story woven from the threads and themes of the starry skies the moment you were born, my calendar, & astrology.

: WHEN major shifts are likely to show up (and to have shown up).

: WHAT it feels like to be IN, flowing with what’s already unfolding, instead of struggling against the flow of the cosmos.

: HOW to cultivate a deep sense of trust in yourself and life, and shift your own energy so that you can be IN, anytime, anywhere.

: WHY being at Home in this story, in your body and the in universe, is the only place to be.

Ultimately …

These Sessions, like all of what I offer, are designed to remind you that Real Life — Your Real Life — is always amazing.


Ready to get IN to it?

Choose your session:


Deep Dive 

Includes an awesomely thorough & intensive 2-hour DEEP Dive phone session (with extensive preparation on my part, hours immersed in your story), a recording of our conversation, a calendar, and 5 bottles of my Essence Elixirs — selected by me, especially for you, and shipped to your home.

Ideal for those who are facing profound challenges and big transformational moments in life.

More details…

$500.00 Add to cart

Life Changing 

Includes an awesomely thorough & intensive DEEP Dive phone session, and then we KEEP Going…  delving into the shift that’s wanting to happen in your being, life, body, business, relatedness, finances, or experience of time.

All that we learned in the Deep Dive informs how we approach this shift and you’ll be continually deepening into the new skills for engagement and embodiment learned.

PLUS, we’ll do an Ongoing Amazingness session within the following few weeks to further deepen and sustain the transformation!

This Life Changing Session involves a Pre-Session QUESTionnaire, extensive preparation on my part (hours immersed in your story), about 3 1/2 hours of phone sessioning, a recording of our conversation, a calendar, and 5 bottles of my Essence Elixirs — selected by me, especially for you, and shipped to your home, and the Ongoing Amazingness follow-up session.

Ideal for you, if you’re ready to profoundly transform your experience of your self and life!

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For returning Sessioners…

Ongoing Amazingness

A 1.5-hour follow-up session. Includes a recording of our conversation and a bottle of one of my Essence Elixirs.

These sessions invite continued engagement with deepening into embodied presence, and seeing and working with what’s wanting to unfold, as well as providing an opportunity for noticing and acknowledging the themes that are emerging…

Ongoing Amazingness follow-up sessions generally take place within a few weeks of a Life Changing session, or a few months of a Deep Dive session, and often continue on an every few months basis.

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A few parting words & reminders …

: Sessions are generally scheduled at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance, as I do a significant amount of research & preparation for our time together. (Although I’m often booked a month or two in advance.)

: Once you make your payment, we’ll schedule your session, and you’ll receive a Pre-Session QUESTionnaire to complete and email back to me well prior to your session.

: Any questions? Feel free to send a note to:


Amazingness Sessions