Ancestor Tracking 3-hr Session


via Zoom

booked thru 2023

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I’m fully booked through 2023.
Email me to get on the waiting list for 2024!!

You and I sit down together and create your Family Tree on Ancestry(.)com.

We begin to find and attach records and photos that tell the story of your ancestors, and reveal earlier generations too!

You feel, meet, and get to know your ancestors!

You learn how to do ancestor tracking, by watching how I approach the searching and finding.

Then, you continue the journey on your own, knowing how.


If you’ve done AncestryDNA testing, we can do analysis and connecting with cousins as another avenue of ancestor tracking.


Whether one session or a series of sessions, you’ll be on the path of tracking your ancestors, with the skills for a lifetime of journeying and getting to know the people and places that you’re made of…


We meet via computer using Zoom videoconferencing.
Your session will be recorded.

Prior to the session, you’ll set up an ancestry(.)com account using their 14-day free trial, which you can cancel before the time is up or continue (which you’ll probably want to do as it is so fun!). Either way, you will have ongoing access to your tree (though not the attached records if you cancel the subscription). I generally recommend their 6-month World Explorer membership subscription, (which costs $149 through is sometimes half off), or you can pay month to month.