Audio Calendar Podcasts

Each Moonth of the 13 Moons in my Calendar, I record & post a FREE Audio Calendar Podcast weaving together calendar themes, astrology, and what’s happening in the night sky to tell the story of the themes likely to unfold during that Moon, as well as what came before and what it’s leading us into.

Go here to my blog to find the latest podcastYou can also click on Audios & Videos in the Category section on the right hand side of the blog and it will shift the list to all the latest audio podcasts. 

When you click on an individual podcast, it will take you to a page with links to where you can listen or download that podcast plus a Moon Spiral pdf handout to view while listening.

Even better is to have your own Calendar Guidebook for the Year to follow along as you listen, and be able to look ahead and at what’s been.

The audios tend to be about 25 minutes in length (although sometimes longer when there’s lots going on). I usually post them just as we’re shifting from one Moonth to another.

If you enjoy these audios, be sure to check out my Time Traveling 101 Course, which will deepen your living of the calendar into a rich storied life!