Some people are morning people. Some people are cat people.

Me? I’ve always been a night person.

As a kid, I loved to sneak out of the house & into the darkness. Surrounded by the night, I felt something indescribable with my childhood vocabulary. Free.

As a young camp counselor, I remember lying out under an unexpected meteor shower. As fire streaked across the sky, raining down upon me, I felt a breath-taking sense of total exhilaration and awe.

And one night, many years later, just after moving out to the country under the dark skies near Sebastopol, I remember staring up at the heavens in wonder at the majesty & limitlessness of it all, and thinking…

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to actually know what I’m looking at?”

And then came a quiet whisper,

“Well … maybe I could learn.”

And with three Masters degrees & a PhD under my belt, I was certainly no stranger to books & diagrams! And so, my journey of self-education began…

I’ve been studying the cosmos ever since!

And I’ve been sharing my discoveries with friends & fans around the world, since day one.


For me, stargazing isn’t about feeling “small” in the face of such “vastness.”


It’s about seeing and experiencing our story as part of the tapestry of a much bigger story.

It’s about dancing with the spiraling currents of time, rather than trying to direct the flow.

It’s about coming IN to our bodies and IN to the moment.

It’s about vastly expanding our experience of NOW.


And so:

What began with a couple of friends & a pile of blankets under the stars has evolved into a beautiful, multi-faceted body of work — complete with stargazing events for women, men & kids, essence elixirs that have been enjoyed by thousands of fans (and even a few Hollywood celebrities), classes on practical, everyday time traveling, a line of modernized Mayan calendarsmoonthly Cosmic Update Emails and private sessions for clients in every time zone.


But no matter how “big” my work gets, you can be certain:

I came to this through curiosity & love.

I am still curious.

And totally IN love.


Yours, for the journey …

Stargazer Li


P.S. Despite being a quadruple Leo, I’m surprisingly shy.

But! If you’d like to know even more about me, scroll down for a few behind-the-scenes details (plus a peek at my library, at-home apothecary & stargazing field…)

5 things most people don’t know about me:

1. I have over 1,000 books in my home. As a kid, I often read more than 5 books a night. A friendly librarian at my local public library allowed me to check out more than the “official” daily allotment of books, to accommodate my insatiable appetite!

2. I have a full-time job & over 30 years of experience in the field of Human Services. Many people think I spend 24 hours a day playing with starlight, moonstones & Mayan calendars, but no! I lead a practical, grounded existence. I pay my taxes & bills. I speak in plain English. I like it this way.

3. I have a PhD from UC Berkeley, 3 master’s degrees and a therapist’s license (with none of them having anything to do with the stars!). I’m a natural-born learner & teacher, and when I’ve got some knowledge that can help you to make sense of your life, I am compelled to share it. (I literally can’t stop myself!)

4. I spend thousands of dollars every year at the liquor store, but I don’t drink! I use small amounts of flavored liquors, cordials & brandy to preserve my delicious essence elixirs. But I get sniffly & sneezy if I have even a single glass of wine.

5. I’ve never taken a formal class in stargazing or astronomy. Everything I know, I’ve taught myself — with patience & fascination. But I can open the universe to you in a single, magical night, if you’re willing to stay up til dawn


Here’s a mini-tour of my world…  Welcome!

Stargazer Lis Welcome Room