The Ultimate Stargazer Li Experience

Night falls, and the stars are dazzling in a pitch-black sky. A masterful guide takes you & your loved ones on a personalized tour of the cosmos — greeting each constellation, like an old friend.

An elixir bottle is passed your way — a dreamy concoction of vibrational waters, brandy & cordials, infused with starlight & gemstones — and you place a few drops on your tongue.

Your guide tells the story of how the stars aligned, on the day you were born.

And for the first time since you were a child, you remember that real life is completely amazing.


The Ultimate Stargazer Li Experience is a personalized stargazing experience — perfect for family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate retreats & epic celebrations.

It’s like having your own personal time-traveling wizard — complete with a leather satchel full of star-infused elixirs, binoculars & laser beams!

You can book me for 2 – 4 nights of stargazing, essence elixirs tastings, and astrology and modernized Mayan calendar readings — at your home or vacation destination.


It’s over the top, into the skies & out of this world. And yet, completely grounded!


Pricing begins at $5,000 for 2 nights of starry amazingness — plus travel & accommodations.

Your payment also includes astrology readings during or after the event, and many bottles of my essence elixirs — to enjoy for many moonths to come.

When you’re ready to start planning your experience, download this QUESTionnaire & email it to

Yours, in Cosmic Fabulosity …

Stargazer Li