Shapeshifting Form Itself

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

On Friday, Saturn in Pisces turned direct, and since then we been engaged with a greater demand and ability to be respectful, responsible, and real in doing the work this time asks of us. More forward seeming motion comes now, after a summer of nearly every planet being retrograde. We needed to look back and what’s been and how we’ve been, and to see it from  new perspective, so we can recognize our agency and the choice we have in each moment to be present or live out the usual patterns.

Notice Jupiter high and bright in the east in the​ evenings, astrologically in Taurus, inviting us to embody in more tangibly experiencing and expressing ways, especially as we engage socially.

Both these social planets, are engaging us in living embodied and real in the universe, rather than being so fully defended and in conversation with empire, even as we’re being asked to see and be real about what empire is and has been, to the detriment of peoples and the natural world.

Colonization, of ourselves, each other, and the natural world, seems to be the form we thought was form, which is now demanding to be shapeshifted. This will require every layer of our beings and social worlds to engage differently. Nearly all of us (who would be reading this) are colonized colonizers. For thousands of years, we’ve been being colonized by empire ~ Celts, Germanic, Gauls, Jews, Palestinians, African peoples of the entire continent, North and South America indigenous people everywhere. And, more often than not, we who are colonized turn around and colonize the next peoples and place!! Been happening, and is happening. Seemingly, we don’t​ want colonization, but we also don’t​ know how to live anything besides colonization, most of us. 

This is the challenge of this time, to be Forming Anew, to become shapeshifting selves, meeting everyone and everything with presence and respect.  

We’re in the midst of the Wizard wave in this five Wizard year. This is a time for learning to be, to actually show up selfing, moment to moment. In A Wizardly Way –– forming, reforming, and transforming –– the experience of ever-shapeshifting selfhood. 

Today (Wed, Nov 8th) is the Conception Day for the New Year to come in July 2024 of this calendar! A 6 Storm day in the Wizard wave. There’s energized and energizing storming happening in our meeting the world beyond ourselves, as ourselves. It’s not going away, it’s preparing us for the ongoing experience of energetic transformation that comes with living and meeting THIS rather than trying to make it be over. Also today, Venus moves into Libra, the sign and style of being that asks us to be present and relating in a continually balancing way, and to bring and meet the beauty.   

Tomorrow, before dawn in the east, waning Moon visits Venus for the 3rd divestment unclasping of the necklace, toward naked expressiveness. Also tomorrow, Mercury moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius, the power of our potent depths and expressions of truth are now to be guided by divination. ​

On Monday, Dark Moon Scorpio conjunct Mars opposes Uranus, sparking a revolution of embodied uniqueness. Becoming willing!

Hear more in my Moon 4 Podcast.

Happy Shapeshifting Form Itself,



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