Forming Anew

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow’s dawning welcomes us into Moon 4 ~ the Moon of Form. 

For these next few days, dancing, attuned to this Starness​ from which we come, and to which we return, is all the ripening magical form we need in this moment. We’re completing a dance begun back in early February, one in which we’ve been learning to attune in new ways, and to take action from this new attunement.

On Saturday, this return delivers us to a reunion with Dragon, with embodied remembrance of Everything in Universe having always been here, just changing form. This Dragon wave initiates a new beginning, birthing through Forming Anew over the coming 260-day cycle of waves (all the way until mid July).

Over the ensuing week, as the Azure Dragon lunar lodges plunge into the underworld, so too Mercury and then Sun join Mars as they slip into the deep slow waters of Scorpio, trining Saturn in oceanic Pisces. Potently powerful and relentlessly transforming being, thinking, speaking, working, and showing up –– these emerging new forms carry us across, between, through, and beyond, changing us, and our experience of form itself, thoroughly. 

We feel the shadows of this transformingness in our bodies as Full Moon in Taurus nearby Jupiter is partially eclipsed on Oct 28th, completing the eclipse season which we just entered a few days ago. 

Hear so much more in my Moon 4 Podcast.

Happy Forming Anew,



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