Star Dancing

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time, 

You’re hearing from me a little more frequently these days… Big shiftings afoot, which seem to want to be noticed and acknowledged!

Today, we begin the 13-day Star wave, as Eagle flies so high, it returns to once again being sparkling Star, dancingly moving through the night, storying the seasons, gifting wonder and creative inspiration, ripening us into the magic of living attunement in action. 

Tonight, Sunday evening, is the peak of the Draconids meteor shower, which is best seen in the evening (rather than late night like most). The radiant is in the north, coming from Draco the Dragon.

Also today, Venus moves into Virgo, leaving Leo after a many moons extended stay, which launched us into this new 584-day Venus in Leo cycle of self-love, generosity, and creative exuberance. Now, we focus more on living in service to the sacred, in and as love!

In the eastern morning sky, before dawn on Tuesday, Waning Moon visits Venus for the second divestment, laying down the pineal “third eye” scepter of sovereign perception. We’re invited to rely upon and trust the inner seeing of our Eagle Star eyes.​

Next Saturday, Oct 14th, in this Wizardly Dog Selfing year, we find ourselves, on an attuning Wizard day in the Star wave, experiencing an Annular “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse in Libra. A relational reset is initiated. The back and forth, to and fro, opposition of two, meets in a waltzing dance. By offering ourselves in love, we ripen beyond our selves.   

Here’s my favorite source for eclipse infoAlso, be sure to buy ahead of time and use solar eclipse glasses when gazing upon Sun! 

Hear much more in my Moon 3 Podcast.

Happy Star Dancing,


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