Hands On Selfing

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 5 ~ the Moon of Selfhood! We come to know ourselves through Wizardly Ways, as we shapeshift in freedom, bridging worlds, in this year of Wizard selfing. 

This is about being effortless, and clear, and shapeshifting to meet the moment, rather than insisting, even as we pull out of complicitness with empire and colonization. There is power in our realness, in our not turning away, in our not performing colonized colonizerhood!!

Uranus is still at opposition, shining bright and close. Suddenness, unpredictability, immediacy, and revolutionary relatedness are woven through our days. Pay close attention to what is wanting to happen, and when. Timing is everything! We’re working with the larger forces of Life and the natural world!

With our Wizard Hands, we touch and shape, being made into through our making, transforming our new beginning in form. This is a Hands On time! Not so much about us, or feeling, or ideas. Time to show up, in real ways, shapeshfting to meet the moment…

For the coming couple of weeks, Sun and Mars come together trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, and square Saturn, inspiring our will(ingness) to be in action, hands on, showing up in the Universe artfully, dying to who we’ve been, and taking responsibility for meeting and participating in the real.

Nov 27th’s Full Moon in Gemini is a time for walking beneath the moonlight holding hands, maybe even skipping and swinging our arms, chattering belovedly. 

Hear more in my Moon 5 Podcast.

Happy Hands On Selfing,



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