Stargazing with Li

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Have you been watching Venus draw closer to Jupiter night by night? Keep watching for the next several weeks!

You can see them in the west early evenings. Venus is the brighter and lower of the two. The star Regulus is just a bit to the left (south) of Jupiter. Next Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th, the Crescent Moon will join them.


This summer, I’m offering some epic stargazing experiences. I invite you and your loved ones to join us! Follow the links for details…


All Night Stargazing Saturday June 20th (so soon!) 

Come learn nearly the entire starry sky in one night!

We’ll gather before sunset to learn the horizon calendar, then throughout the night in a field under the stars, guided by the visible beam of a green laser, you’ll see and learn the patterns and movements of the constellations, including most of the zodiac, lunar mansions, several of the planets, and folklore from different times and cultures, all the while directly seeing the story that’s unfolding at this time, dosing with planetary essences and essence elixirs, and dancing deeply with the cosmos…


An Evening of Stargazing 

Come for a few hours of stargazing, and transform your relationship with the night sky forever! Both these events are open to adults and kids.

Friday July 10th, outside Sebastopol, CA

Saturday August 15th, in Ashland, OR


And, if you’re following along with the themes of what’s unfolding, here’s a link to my latest:
Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast


Happy Gazing,

Stargazer Li


Happenings on the Horizon 

Time Traveling 101…
Class starts in Late June.
This is the next step for podcast listeners


New Essence Elixirs for New Times!
Really Awefull and Showing Up have arrived.
As always, Buy 4 Get 5.


My Blog is where you can always find my Cosmic Update Emails, Audio Calendar Podcasts, and more…


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