Integrating What’s Important

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Anyone else been profoundly challenged and required to just focus on what’s truly important in life, and let go of the usual? This has been changing my thinking and how I communicate, and inviting me into a quieter more spacious place.

We’ve been Skywalking, journeying in “what is” as we follow divine guidance rather than our own agendas, to do lists, or fleeting interests. Fitting for this Mercury retrograde in Gemini time…

We’re well along into Moon 12, the Moon of Integration. And so, we’re re-integrating what’s truly important into how we think and communicate, as our new way of journeying in life.

Tomorrow, we enter the Worldbridger wave, a time of hanging out on the threshhold between worlds. There’s a tremendous mature humility that is being asked of us, which offers to integrate our day to day experience and our direct connection with the spacious universe and the tantric energies of life, death, and beyond…

Mercury goes Direct this Thursday June 11th. And, Neptune turns retrograde the very next day. So, the “big dreamy” will be strong in our heads and on our tongues. This is not a time for galloping foward, but for slowly turning around and around and bringing all of life into and with us as we slowly lean into what’s to come.

Next Sunday the 14th, Saturn moves back into Scorpio for a few months, reminding us to be solid and steady in our presence, even or especially in the midst of the bigness of the universe and what we’re experiencing.

Do you hear that general theme of us being asked to be “mature” in how we respond to and meet what’s unfolding in life. “What it is” can be met with calm, willingness, and respect…

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Happy Integrating,

Stargazer Li


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2 Responses to Integrating What’s Important

  1. Nika June 9, 2015 at 8:28 am #

    Grateful for your gifts and generosity Li! Always such good grounding for noticing and discerning. It seems like years of letting go. And in this moonthly time I find myself letting go of too small ideas of what loving community can be as well as my own be-ing in community. (Also releasing fears and my training to not trust in abundance and love and the illusion that I have to make it alone.) This makes space for my practicing and living into the potential of aging in a flourishing way with beloved friends on the Land. Blessings galore!

    • Li July 11, 2015 at 2:30 pm #

      Greetings Nika,

      May the blessings flow toward you and through you!


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