An Evening of Stargazing

Come join me for an evening out in a field under the stars, guided by a green laser wand, learning to find your way around the night sky and the names of the stars and constellations, while hearing folklore from many different times and cultures. We’ll see the Dragon, the Summer Triangle, the Scorpion, and so much more… 

 Room on the waiting list
POSTPONED until Saturday   October 21, 2017     7:30-10pm

Outside Sebastopol, CA

$30 per Adult
$5 per Kid under 14
(this is my annual evening where kids are welcome to attend with adults)

Plan to arrive by 7pm to get set up.

To Register:  


  1.  Click here to register each adult for $30

On the night of the event, you’ll pay $5 for each of the kids you bring.

Adult registrations are required in advance, and are non-refundable (but you can pass them to a friend if needed by emailing me their name).

2.  Email Me the numbers of Adults and Kids that will be attending (and in how many cars), and how you know me.

I’ll email back to confirm you’re on the list and will send details on the location and what to bring in the days before the event.