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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

NEOWISE Comet Viewing is prime. Starting tonight, you may be able to catch a glimpse both very early evening & just before dawn in the NW (near the horizon).

Best right now is predawn. Look to the left of Venus shining with Aldebaran (the red eye of Taurus the Bull).​ I’m hearing it can be easily seen without binoculars (predawn), but they would enhance the​ viewing for sure. 

Starting tonight (though I hear tomorrow night might be better, and a few days from now even better), at dusk, look well below the Big Dipper in the​ NW. The comet should still be around for viewing the next week or two, though it will likely be losing brightness, even as it gets higher above the horizon and into darker skies in the evenings. 

Comets have long been considered portents (omens), whether of good or ill. The orbital period of this comet is nearly 7,000 years, so the last time this comet came around was when “civilization” as an approach to being human together on earth was emerging. Perhaps this portent is speaking to the necessary emergence of new ways of being human together, as the seemingly inevitable outgrowth of civilization as we know it has brought us to this moment where the continuation of the human species is actually in question! 

Moon shines tonight with Mars, rising late night in the east. Jupiter and Saturn are rising in the east as Sun sets, shining close together all through the long nights. ​

Astrologically, Chiron the Wounded Healer/Teacher in Aries stations retrograde today, planting seeds of Human freedom to the degree we’re willing to choose to live and express our gifts with gusto, rather than defaulting into old wounded ways. On Tuesday, Mars & Chiron​ are conjunct in Aries (which is the sign ruled by Mars). This speaks to the time we’re in, where we must reckon with fiery, impulsive, embodied, will. This can be expressed as creative fire and oomph, or brutal rage, or anywhere along this broad continuum. We each must choose, moment to moment, and learn to heal and meet this energy anew.

Amidst all this, Mercury in Cancer goes Direct, tomorrow (Sunday). This has been a time of re-examining and revising our story, understanding, and language around home, family, and ancestors. What is our cultural root? We best know this, as we are living from it, whether we’re aware of it or not! I’ve been doing tons of ancestor tracking, with my own lines and with many others who are beginning this journey. This continues to be a powerful time for engaging in this work as one way of meeting this moment. In looking to the autumn ahead, this will be work that serves well in where we’re headed.

Tomorrow, we enter the Serpent wave in this Moon of Freedom, this last month of the Wizard Originating year. Now, Serpent energy undulates through our bodies, initiating transformation around physical freedom, and infusing our embodiment with real vitality, toward our living as Wizards. ​The energy for this embodiment is strong as we go through ten straight intensifying portal days. Cosmic energy pouring down into us and through us into this world can vitalize us, if we let it! Learn to be moved by life, to serpent-dance freely! 

On Thursday before dawn, waning Moon visits Venus for the 1st divestment. A long-worn crown is relinquished, opening us as portals directly to All-That-Is.

Hear the larger story of this Moon of Freedom, and how it connects to the upcoming new year, in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast

The New Year for this calendar is coming up on July 26th!
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Happy Serpent Dancing, Freely


Wizard Meets Mirroring Storm Year Calendar Ordering
The calendars are printed & being taken in for binding!
If all goes well, they’ll be mailed out by the end of this coming week,
well before the New Year (July 26th).

Sessions Are Happening
Such important & deep transformations are unfolding!
Check out Conversations & Renewal Sessions
Also, Ancestor Tracking.

I recorded a special edition podcast:
Venus Retrograde in Gemini ~ Learning to Make Friends with Love


Essence Elixirs are Available Once Again
There’s a wide array of vibrational deliciousness!
Restructuring (highly recommended for these times)
Riding the Elephant

Receiving Life & Conversing with the Universe with Stargazer Li
I was interviewed by Meredith Rom. Give a listen!

Last fall, I was interviewed for the Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the Paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. Enjoy!

Consider an Ancestor Tracking Session. This is a time for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before, as well as their times and places.


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