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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

if you haven’t seen comet Neowise yet, TONIGHT is your best bet. While it’s getting higher each night, it’s also rapidly growing more faint. Around 10–11pm, is the best time. Look about a fist width or so below the Big Dipper’s cup in the Northwest. It may still be naked eye visible, but binoculars are where it’s at for getting a good view. This week is your last chance for nearly 6,800 years! The comet will travel through the twinkle toes of the Great Bear this week, for those of you who’ve Spring stargazed with me…

Traveling between Ursa Major, the Great Bear Mother & the Lion diving into the deep, comet Neowise is a portent. Having a period of nearly 7,000 years connects this time to the emergence of “civilization” last round. And, here we are, faced with a time that calls into question how we’re doing civilization, where the story we’ve told ourselves of what we’re living is colliding with the realities of how this way of being human together is experienced by all of us as humans, and by the earth, sky, and entire natural world. Interestingly, yesterday in Portland, mothers gathered arm in arm in the face of heavily-armed tyranny, shouting, “Moms are here. Feds stay clear!” The power of our natural protectiveness is being evoked! The Great Bear Mother was and is such for so many peoples throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This comet calls us into the storied night where, raising our gaze to the heavens, we see this omen before her face and now approaching her feet.​ Remember the old stories, remember her as our mother, the Universe as our mother. We can be at home in this place and time in the Universe, inside the true story.

Along these lines, Monday opens the week with Sun & New Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn newly back in its home sign of Capricorn. This is our second New Moon in Cancer, the first being the recent lunar eclipse at the Solstice. The focus is on family, home, and ancestors, & on doing the work and taking responsibility. This is a time for taking seriously, meeting more maturely, and respecting the wisdom of the elders. It’s time for us to act and move in life as people with ancestors. Whether we know them or not, whether we know the places and cultures of them or not, we can begin to become more fully human by living moment to moment in remembrance of our human ancestors. It’s our responsibility, to Life and this moment, to step out of our colonizer ways and humbly learn to be humans anew.

We’re still in the Serpent wave and the Moon of Freedom through Friday, as the pouring down and through us of cosmic energy vitalizes our embodiment and invites us into an undulating dance. This nurtures our existence, while teaching us to move from new places in our beings. We have more freedom to live this than we’re used to acknowledging and acting from. A portal is open to the cosmos. Now’s the time!

On Wednesday, Sun moves into its happily at home sign of Leo, bringing some refreshingly zestful enthusiasm for Life, ourselves, and everything! ​It’s play time, even as we work!

Also, this week, we’re embarking upon the last week of the year in this calendar!

The Day Out of Time falls on July 25th (Saturday). It comes after Moon 13, as we leap back into the all-that-is, before being drawn into Moon 1 of the New Year.

The Day Out of Time is a day I hold most sacred, a day on which I make no plans and free myself from anything that “should be done.” It gives me an opportunity to see what happens when I completely honor and follow my naturalness. What if you gifted yourself just one day and let go of all preconceived notions about what should happen? It’s interesting to see what we choose to do when we realize we are free to do anything!

This year, the Day Out of Time falls on a 1 Mirror day. This day offers the possibility of a perceptual shift, of seeing and being reflected in new ways, and of becoming a deeper reflection of source.

Then, Sunday brings the New Year! I’ll have a recording of Moon 1 & the New year to you by then. Order your printed calendar now

Hear the larger story of this Moon of Freedom, and how it connects to the upcoming New Year, in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Great Bear Mother Cosmic Nurturing​,



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