Journeying the Next Level

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The end of March, in the Moon of Realization,​ we began a new round of these waves I often mention. We’ve been dancing the realm of the beginnings of new realities since then (as we’ve noticed!). The next few days complete the beginning of the new realities (in this way of keeping time)…

During these few remaining days, the portal is still very open for the beginnings of new realities to pour through, and for us to choose to experience them. Sun moves into Gemini on Wednesday, a 13 Human day in the Sun wave. This moment offers a freeing new learning, understanding, and articulation of what it means to be Human, here on Earth, under the Sun. It’s time to get way beyond the limited binary argument for the standard social reality (or not) distraction and embrace a much greater seeing and comprehension of humanness in context. What we’ve let become the supposedly “human” reality is so much less than human, and is far more dangerous than we acknowledge. It’s time for this dissonance and dissolving to transform into a liberating realization.

On Thursday, we enter the realm of refining this new beginning, which goes on for four waves (about two months). The realm of refining always begins with the Skywalker wave. Skywalking involves journeying as our way of living. We now commence the refining of our new beginning through exploring the multiple dimensions of our new realities that are present in each moment. This is a way of being, of living the journey as it unfolds. Coming here in the​ Moon of Liberation, this is learning to journey in life, as Life, at the next level!   

Friday’s 2 Wizards Journeying day (dose with the essence if you have it!) brings the New Moon in Gemini. Sun and Moon together, and us in the mix, conversing with, and as, the Universe. It’s time to be friends with Life, directly, enjoyably, and interestedly!

Lower day by day in the​ west, early evenings, you can still see Venus, and now Mercury shines with Venus. The last pass of Moon before Venus disappears will come on Sunday the 24th. So, enjoy Venus while you can, and see if you can find Mercury too! Jupiter and Saturn are much higher in the​ southeast now before dawn. 

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To Journeying the Next Level,



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