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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, early evening, quite low in the west, slivered Moon visits Venus, with Mercury alongside (the fainter of the two). They’re all journeying between the​ horns of the Bull. 

This is the 8th and final time Crescent Moon visits Venus as Evening Star and confers a gift, chakra by chakra. Tonight, Moon bows before the soul star atop the crown of Venus. For each of us, this is a time to allow a light to shine above our heads, and know this as us too, that we extend beyond our bodies even as we embody, that there is a perspective from which we can be and see more. Tomorrow night (Sunday), Moon will be more visible and a bit above Venus and Mercury. Venus is retrograde and will be lower and lower to the horizon, night to night, quickly slipping from the evening sky this week

This week too, we close out the Moon of Liberation, amidst a very Gemini extravaganza of interest, inquiry, learning, and friendliness. Yesterday brought Sun and Moon together in Gemini, as well as Venus and Mercury together in Gemini! We’re in the realm of refining and clarifying, letting ourselves change with the changingness, finding our way while continually letting go, journeying in a Skywalking way in dimensional realities while on this Earth. This can be liberating!! And, this is important skill and capacity development for the times we’re in and heading toward!

Jupiter and Saturn are much higher in the southeast now before dawn, while Mars shines above the horizon. 

Hear the larger story in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast

To Liberated Journeying,



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