Liberating Shine

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

This Moon of Liberation continues, this time of dissolving what​ no longer serves. There’s plenty to release!!

Liberating, we shine like Sun, naturally, generously, and steadily. This simple radiance is enough. Be willing to show up and be seen at the next level.

There’s a directional change party during this week’s Sun wave journey toward ripening the reality of our new beginning. Our liberation can be amplified by going over familiar ground from a new perspective with some strong light shed on the pathway and surroundings.

Saturn is stationing retrograde today, drilling into this early degree of Aquarius where it will return in late December / early January. ​

We’re in the earliest stages of an entering the Age of Aquarius revolutionary revolution. It doesn’t look like what we think revolution looks like (which wouldn’t be very revolutionary now would it).​ Lately, I’ve found myself realizing, ever more deeply, that we’re complicit with the worst of the capitalistic system to the extent we’re living in fearful productivity persona mode rather than showing up in presence as ourselves with respect for all of life.​ To responsibly take our place as us, maturely, and with authority, is revolutionary. Through this retrograde period, we take another look at the structures upon which we’ve built our lives and how we take our place and do our work in this world.

On Wednesday, Venus turns retrograde in astrological Gemini and will start dropping quickly from the evening sky. At the most personal levels of love and beauty and what we value, this brings a time for re-learning and newly articulating who we are​. We’re on a journey of finding new language to express new ways of being, loving, and valuing!

On Thursday, Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn. There’s an expansion that’s been happening as we’ve learned to slow down and Ride the Elephant. Now, we turn around and ride back over where we’ve been, as there is much more to do and see and expand through attending more slowly and deeply. 

We’ve also got two planets changing signs the next couple of days. Mercury moves into Gemini (joining Venus) on Monday, amping up the learning around new ways of thinking and communicating. Mars moves into Pisces on Tuesday, giving creative will to a more languid way of being in action, ha.

You can see waning Moon in the east before dawn on Tuesday with Jupiter and Saturn (this is how close they are!), then on Thursday with Mars. Moon lights up and activates embodiment of the themes of each planet in passing…

Hear the larger story in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast

To Liberating Shine,


By far the best resource and articulation of this time that I’ve come across is this interview with Dr Zack Bush. He braids humanity, revolutionary change, and earthedness in beautiful ways. Ignore the title (made by someone else). Watching this video is Highly Recommended!

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