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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Wahoo & Wow is my newest expression for the magnitude of the new reality experiences I’m having all day every day. How’s about you?

I feel so stretched, often have no idea where I am, and am noticing a strengthening and becoming more solid amidst all this Capricorn energy transformation. Truly, the foundations of who I am, the story I live, and what is my home, are all mid-morph!

Many thanks to all of you for your outpouring of good wishes and potential leads on my recent journey of looking for home. My new home found me! Having lived in Sebastopol for over 20 years, and mostly looking in this area, on Tuesday, my apprentice Claire said, “What about Nevada City/Grass Valley?” This is a place I’ve only ever even stopped by and driven through once (on my way back from the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, of course). I hopped on Zillow to look at the rentals, and there was my house! I knew it the moment I saw it. On Friday, I put down the deposit (a 7 Moon portal day in the Night wave, which is the same day and wave as when I moved into this house 10 years ago!). And so, I am moving to Grass Valley within the month. A new life and home await. This is the invitation from Life, and I say Wahoo & Wow! Already, I can feel myself changing, cellularly, energetically, behaviorally, and on and on.

This is the magnitude of the time we’re in. What are you noticing that is becoming more solid and foundational as you and in your life? What new, true story are you attuning to and stepping into living in this Night wave? In what ways are you coming home?

Tomorrow is a 10 Human portal day in this Night wave, in this Moon of Attunement. The Sun moves into Aquarius. There is a New Human manifesting, coming home, living a storied life. This is a time for us to attune to a new frequency, to dose with something other than what society presents as reality, to live the story of Life unfolding as we become Life unfolding…

On Friday, we enter the 13-day Warrior wave, the ripening of the ripening into living our freedom. This is a time for attuning to our presence, strength, and embodied intelligence. This is a time for maturity and self-respect, which breeds the capacity to meet others and life with respect.

Then, Saturday brings the Chinese New Year of Metal Rat, the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of this Chinese zodiac. Welcoming the year with fortitude and hard work in meeting challenges could pay off in the long run. Do the work. Feel what​ you feel. Don’t​ indulge in worrying too much. Have courage to meet what​ comes.

Venus shines as Evening Star in the​ west. Before dawn in the​ east, Mars not so bright now is right by Antares (Dude, that’s not Mars) the heart of the Scorpion. Moon will cruise by them tomorrow morning! You might even glimpse Jupiter emerging very low on the eastern horizon before dawn. Moon will be just​ approaching Jupiter on Wednesday morning, showing the way. The expansion of our experience of this Capricornian time arises with Jupiter, now becoming more visible in our lives. 

Hear more in this Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast, which is a long one as this is a huge transformational time!

Happy Solid New Story,



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