Storied Love Warrior Attunment

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

I woke before dawn this morning to see the Summer Triangle of stars brightly shining​ and Mars riding the heart of the Scorpion! This is what​’s arising in the​ east these days (Jupiter too, very low to the​ horizon, who I’ve not seen yet due to trees).

So too, in us, Warrior energy, the respectful presence ​of embodied strength and intelligence, is arising. And, the slow elephant ride of Jupiter in Capricorn is taking us on a real journey into being here less frantically and more expansively as we learn to live the very real deep transformations that Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn are showing up as.

This is the ripening of the ripening. Learning to choose, to attune to and stand in, this strength of presence amidst all that is unfolding brings us into living the freedom that was birthed in us last July. This, clearly, is what‘s needed for us to live in a more wizardly way. 

Meanwhile, as night approaches, in the west Venus shines as Evening Star, these days dancing cheek to cheek with unseen Neptune swimming in the vastness tantric union of Pisces. On Tuesday early evening, Moon visits Venus for the 4th vestment, conferring a heart amulet that blazes like a Sun on our chest, radiating warmth.

Love is at the center of all This, learning to attune to and live a new story of love, that is not about getting what we want to make us feel good but about being love that generously allows life to pour through us, that connects us in the loving with all of Life. ​Such a powerful way of meeting life. Loving This is my root invitation for this year.​ My teacher.

Speaking of love, immense thanks for the outpouring of welcome! My new Grass Valley home is already blessing me with so much warmth and friendliness.

Hear more in this Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast, which is a long one as this is a huge transformational time! The Moon 8 podcast will, hopefully, be to you by Friday.

Happy Storied Love Warrior Attunement,



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