Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow morning we enter the Moon of Attunement as Dog howls with the breath of freedom under the barely eclipsed, shadowed by Earth, Full Moon in Cancer, shining opposite Sun huddled with Mercury, Saturn, & Pluto in deep winter Capricorn. A saving grace is Moon’s watery flowing trine with Neptune in Pisces.

We’re in the Night of the year, attuning from deep within our homes and selves to powerful stories & dreams, and hard-won wisdom, ripening into our freedom from the inside out.

Unpredictable, revolutionary Uranus is stationing Direct in Taurus too, so big change that has long been building can happen in a moment.

We’re at a critical moment, the biggest in this year and for a while. What’s been in power, in us & the world, that’s not in integrity, is crumbling. A new story and experience of power and authority is emerging. Slow & steady work is needed to build a new foundation and structure, both in our ways of being and relating, as well as in the wider world.

Don’t fasten your energetic seatbelt, or you’ll be shaken like a rag doll.​ Ha. Our old ways of trying to stay safe are now what anchors us to that which impedes our realness. We must be willing to be responsible for choosing to stand in our presence and power rather than abdicating and dissolving into familiar drama dynamics and conversations. ​This may be uncomfortable!

As the impetus for learning, many of us are deeply feeling the very real impact ​of when we and others are not truly present and interacting with respect from or for who we actually are. Power and authority are held in place through tacit agreements and worn out psychological negotiations. ​Being called into question is what communicative realities we are willing to participate in, and how to say No to those we are not, in a way that is true, strong, and respectful, while also speaking what​ we are saying Yes to! This is hard. We mostly don’t​ know how to not participate in the bullshit ways of pretend being and communicating, or how to say No (which is really saying Yes to what​ is true), with love. Presence makes this possible. And what​ comes, is a very trippy new experience of reality, with us working hard to stay standing in our own presence and authority speaking what​ is true!

You can hear sooooo much more in this Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast, which is a long one as this is a huge transformational moment!

What is Life Inviting You into for 2020? Join me in Inviting 2020, a self-paced course, process, and way of living that transforms how you approach and experience Life.

Happy Impact,



I’m still looking for a new home! Thank you to the many of you who’ve sent good wishes and even some possibilities. Please keep them coming!

The house (with stargazing field) I’ve rented the past 10 years has been sold and I must be out by February 15th. Optimally, I’d love to rent a house in West Sonoma County, northwest of Sebastopol. It’s just me (and my thousands of books, and hundreds of tools and bottles, thus the need for a good-sized house and/or lots of storage/workshop/studio possibilities). I can pay what a few bedrooms house is going for these days. I’m particular about the energy and healthfulness of a place (of course), and will bring many good vibes to my next home! Living the mystery…


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I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Pavini Moray,Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. Give a Listen!

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