Happy Loving Dimensionality Embodied New Year

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Happy Everybody Else’s New Year as I like to call this… Ha.

In my Calendar for Keeping Time, the new year was back in July on a 1 Wizard day (and so we’re still Wizards Originating).

In the Gregorian Calendar that most of us use, according to my calendar, today is a 4 Skywalker portal day in the​ Dog wave, and is, as always, in Moon 6, the​ Moon of Balancing, of Meeting the World Beyond Ourselves. 

And so, this year of 2020 promises to be a time of love as our purpose (Dog wave), dimensional tripping (Skywalker)​ in tangible, embodied form (4) as our way of experiencing and expressing love, and all of this being how we meet the world beyond ourselves (Moon 6). And, since this kicks off a new decade, it would seem to be this is what​’s needed in meeting the times to come!

I’ve been noticing these exact energies emerging, in myself and what Life is inviting me into, as well as in the astrological themes. 

As I’ve been saying in my Cosmic Updates as of late, there’s a serious work party happening in Capricorn, the most slow, steady, tangible, of the​ signs, and definitely an earth sign. Also, Uranus is in Taurus, another earth sign, who’s more about a revolution in the pleasures of embodiment (loving the experience of embodiment). We’re being asked to learn to embody in new ways, to not just​ be our personas going through the​ motions, but to really take seriously and choose moment to moment to be us, our souls/spirits inhabiting our bodies, to be IN, to be here, now! 

We’re already in an eclipse season, which started on Christmas night into Boxing Day morning with a solar eclipse. There’s another heading our way on Jan 10th, this time a lunar eclipse in Cancer, with Saturn-Pluto (and Mercury) on the Sun in Capricorn side of the mix. Then on Jan 12th, Saturn and Pluto are exactly conjunct in Capricorn (but have been drawing near already). This is big time transformation, at a foundational, structural level (in our selves and socially) around power and authority, and a reset in relation to it around our experience of feeling, home, family, and ancestors. There’s been a lot of dying going on, both literally and dying to who we’ve been. This is serious and real, and for us to meet with respect and humility. The times of living our sense of entitlement and desire for comfort are over. It’s time to do the work of learning how to live in new ways, and from new places in our beings. 

There’s another eclipse right on the​ Summer Solstice (so the Capricorn and Cancer themes continue!), that’s part of a series of three eclipses around that time. Then, another set of eclipses as we close out 2020.  

Mars Marches through Capricorn to add some ooomph on its way to a late June through January 2021 stay in its fiery home sign of Aries! Usually Mars is only about 6 weeks in a sign, rather than six months! But, every two years there’s a Mars retrograde, and it goes back and forth over the same ground for many moons, challenging us to step in and have some creative will and strength of embodied presence and self-assertion in the style of the sign i’ts in. In Aries, we’re about to get fired up! Oh, and did I mention that this will be square Capricorn. So, lots of physical, action-oriented energy that wants to do the work, if we can learn to work with what’s wanting to unfold rather than trying to force or effort to make things happen!

Venus retrogrades as well, and shifts from Evening Star to Morning Star, hanging out in Gemini for most of May and June. Let’s love our friends, and learning, and good conversation!

Saturn dips into Aquarius for a few months, March through June, for a taste of what’s to come, then goes back to Capricorn until late in the year. 

Jupiter meets up with Pluto in Capricorn three times this year (April, June/July, and November). There’s an expansion and different kind of good fortune that is coming from all this deep transformation and foundation shaking. It comes slowly, it comes through learning to Ride the Elephant!

The year comes to a close with Jupiter and Saturn conjoining in very early Aquarius on Winter Solstice. They only come together every 20 years (the last time in May 2000). These two social planets have to do with our way and place in the world. This is the seeding of each of us learning and becoming what is ours to do and be in the bringing of the Age of Aquarius. We’ll be learning and living this for the coming 20 years! Pay attention to what shows up. Aquarius is very dimensional and energetic, very collaborative, and very aspirational.

And so, this year is very much shaking up and establishing our foundation for then discovering our way and taking our place in bringing about the new age. This year we’re getting tangible and embodied and solid and strong in creative will for life while beginning to dimensionalize a bit toward the Aquarius time to come. All, while loving this!!

How Life has been preparing me, is through teaching me to receive and live what​ the Universe is Inviting, rather than trying to figure out and get what​ I want. Join me in Inviting 2020, a self-paced course, process, and way of living that can simply and quickly transform how you experience Life. It’s time for a practical approach to being in deep conversation with Life, to receiving and living the Invitations that the Universe is offering!

Venus shines bright white as the Evening Star in the west while Mars shines bright red high in the southeast before dawn.

Hear much more on these times in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Loving Dimensionality Embodied New Year,



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