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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, Crescent Moon shines with Venus in the west just as darkness falls, conferring the 3rd vestment, a ring of power, the power of the freedom and willingness to love.​ This is not the ideal of love or romantic love, this is tangible lived love. 

And, tonight is the eve of the 13-day Dog wave, which is all about meeting the world with love, both who we love and doing what​ we do with love! ​So, these next couple of weeks, whatever comes, it’s time for Loving This!

The past year, we’ve been shifting our relationship with our smallness. This coming year we shift our relationship with our Bigness! This happens through our accepting and meeting what Life is inviting, rather than trying to control and manipulate to get what​ we want. 

The ways we’ve abdicated, let ourselves off the hook from showing up maturely​, are so obvious now, and so disappointing. With Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in the solid earth sign of Capricorn, we’re being invited to get fully embodied, to experience some actual presence and authority. 

This is our main task for the year ahead, as this grounding in tangible reality, is necessary for us to be ready for and capable of meeting and embodying the new energetic and dimensional realities that approach as so much shifts into Aquarius next year and in the years to come. ​

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is drawing near (exact on Jan 12th), and is presiding over the “New Year.” Something in the structure of who and how we’ve been must die, must be relinquished, the ways we’ve made our seeming-selves too important and central, so that the power of who we can be when devoted to what​ is truly important (beyond our selves) can be experienced and expressed.

It’s time for a practical approach to being in deep conversation with Life, to receiving and living the Invitations that the Universe is offering.​ Join me in Inviting 2020, a self-paced course, process, and way of living that​ can simply and quickly transform how you experience of Life. 

I saw Mars this morning shining brightly, in its redddish way, high in the southeast before dawn, between the claws and head of the Scorpion. Glorious! If you wake up early, be sure to say hello!

Hear more on these times in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Loving This,



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