Receiving Your Invitations

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in one of my favorite times of year, these strange and wonderful days between the holidays and the new year, a time when routines are disrupted, and there’s a sense of endings and the approach of new beginnings. I love being with and seeing what emerges in me during this time, what I choose to do and how, as well as engaging with my growing sense of what’s to come.

I recently learned that the 12 Days of Christmas (which started yesterday, the day after Christmas) are an old time divination for the coming year! Each day becomes a divination for a month in the year to come. Dec 26th for January, Dec 27th for February, Dec 28th for March…

I was on a long drive yesterday, which I love for pondering and conversing with life and those I love. An epic conversation ensued, out of which a new essence, Marrow, was born! I could literally feel new neural pathways being developed in my brain as we traversed new ways of perceiving, experiencing, and articulating the evolution of life as ancestored humans that’s unfolding. Wow!! And so, my divination for January was for some epic experiencing of life at the next level, and for sharing this experience.

In so many ways, this was the receiving of an Invitation from Life, from the Universe, from Marrow!

We’ve come to a time where something other than how we’ve been living is needed. This time is not about small changes, or resolutions or goals for getting what we want. This is a foundation-shaking time for busting up the calcified ways we’ve been operating and for learning to live in new ways!

Guidance on how to live in new ways continually flows from Life in the form of Invitations. If you pause and pay attention, you can sense what Life is inviting you to live. Entering humbly into this conversation IS is learning to live in new ways.

This is how Life and the Universe have taught me this past year. My Life and experience of Life have been, and continue to be, profoundly transformed. And, new Invitations that are so rich, vivid, and next level beyond which I could have imagined a year ago, are now emerging for the year to come.

You are invited to receive, to welcome, what Life is offering You, what Life is inviting You to live.

What is Life inviting you into?!”

I’ve developed a process for engaging with this question that brings an abundance of Invitations in the form of eloquently articulated areas of life to engage with deeply (rather than things to get, do, or achieve). These Invitations you can dance with and be danced by throughout the year.

Engaging with this question in meeting what’s to come enables us to deepen into the guiding conversations Life and the Universe are having with us right now, and teaches us a different way of orienting and living that can serve us throughout the year and our lives.

This past year a group of us have had an epically transformative adventure in Living Invitingly.

The next round is already underway! You can leap in at any time (as this process is self-paced). Now’s the perfect time!

Join us in Discovering & Living Your Invitations

  • Discover and Receive Your Invitations from Life ~ the Universe.
  • Articulate Your Invitations using Meaningful & Vivid Names
  • Craft Your Invitations into a Memorable Story Form
  • Get to Know Your Invitations through Exploring their Many Layers
  • Learn to Live Your Invitations, and along the way, to Live Invitingly

Experience Inviting 2020 ~
Three Options

Inviting 2020
is a brief, self-paced, course offering a series of emailed audios & writings 2-3 times a week for about 6 weeks, plus a webinar on Saturday, January 18th (will be recorded).

The emails include step-by-step prompts for you to engage with, listen to, discover, eloquently articulate, and refine what Life is inviting you into for 2020, and ways of staying engaged with these invitations day-by-day throughout the year.

Living Your Invitations 2020 includes the Inviting 2020 course, plus six group calls over the course of the year (three in spring & three in fall, with some recordings over the summer).

We’ll speak to the themes of what’s unfolding as we learn to live the invitations (rather than trying to make something happen), along the way being taught how to live invitingly.

We’ll track the unfolding of the year and the living of our invitations as a year-long lunar cycle, moving through the phases of crescent, sextile, waxing square, trine, and full, and all the way back to new. There’s a rhythm and clear phases to learning to live our invitations, times of getting to know, of challenge, or flow, of fullness, and letting go. So much learning took place through these calls this past year!

Living Your Invitations 2020
$60 / month for 3 months

Inviting Life 2020 Sessions includes the Inviting 2020 course and Living Your Invitations calls/audios, as well as Quarterly Individual Sessions with Li and the Universe as we focus on, support, and attend to the discovery, naming and storying, and unfolding of you living your invitations magnificently!

Sessions are 1 1/2 hours each, via Zoom online videoconferencing (recorded).

Inviting Life Sessions 2020
$250 every 3 months for 12 months

Now’s the time…

You’re invited to join us in Inviting 2020!


Hear What Last Year’s Participants Have To Say…

I came to Li’s Inviting process with a deep sense that it’s past time to approach life very differently.

I have spent a lifetime using a myriad of tools, including intentions and goals, to make me successful in some way. These processes rarely furnished my demands and typically materialized into little other than various layers of self-doubt, even when they were effective.

The Invitations process negates all the pressure and toxicity of dream-chasing, goal-setting, and rigid intentions.

I have learned a process that allows me to simply live from my being, which has begun to inevitably result in the thing I am truly wanting – connection and thriving.

This process has been a transformative experience that is stunning both in its depth and its simplicity.

I invite anyone considering this process to traverse alongside us in this life-affirming approach to living.

Brandy Donovan
Every year I tried a new way of conning the universe into giving me what I thought I wanted — goals, intentions, one or three words to guide me. Those methods left me wanting and dissatisfied.

Li’s Invitations Process opened me up (literally and spiritually) to a new way of being. With Li’s help, I no longer treat the universe as a short-order cook. I have learned to listen to the invitations.

What the universe has in store for me is WAY better than I could have ever imagined. Most importantly, through Li’s invitations process I learned that joy is not what you get from the world; it’s what you bring to it.

Kerra Bolton
Before this course, I’d been hung up on making my own path without ever understanding that my path was already present and waiting for me.

I didn’t need to force it into existence through the mental gymnastics and gyrations of goal setting. As we laughed deeply about during one of our early sessions, that method only works NEVER.

Susanna Benson

That call was such a gift, both in hearing and reflecting the invitations of others, and also having the attention of you and the rest of the group on my own inviting reflections.

My notes from that call are a delight to revisit, and my learning from that conversation has resonated in my life this year: living my gifts to transform the world is about so much more than my paid employment.

As a result, I was open to say yes to an employment opportunity that I might not otherwise have pursued, and it’s been great!

Ann S.

In the final two or three calls of this course I was more deeply inspired and thrilled on a soul level than I have been by a collective endeavor in a long, long time.

Having interwoven and in some cases lived each other’s invitations just from hearing about them, together we painted this picture of what living invitingly had become with absolute care and passion.

Elsie White

You’re Invited to Join Us!
Now’s the Time…

Inviting 2020 Course

Living Your Invitations 2020
$60 / month for 3 months

Inviting Life Sessions 2020
$250 every 3 months for 12 months

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