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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to this time of the return of the light as we move on from the Winter Solstice, which brought the Sun to the Capricorn work party (joining Jupiter, Saturn, & Pluto). The tangible, practical work of grounding ourselves in This, in what​’s real, as we meet the world, as we meet Life, is our focus.

Fittingly, in this Earth sign Capricorn time, we’re in the Earth wave in this calendar, a time of the tectonic plates of Earth shifting, quaking, and shaking up what’s been. 

This Wednesday evening, Dec 25th, into Thursday morning Dec 26th (depending on where you are), there’s a Christmas “ring of fire” annular​ solar eclipse happening in Capricorn, with Sun, Moon, and very near Jupiter, in Capricorn. The eclipse is visible in Saudi Arabia, Southern India, and Indonesia. but will surely felt everywhere (6:30pm–midnight, with the peak 7:30–11pm, Pacific Time).​ Coming on a 10 Worldbridger day, something of who we’ve been dies to this world and something is born, with Jupiter conferring an expansive blessing and learning.

As the strength of the Saturn–Pluto conjunction draws near, an even more foundational death/birth unfolds over the coming month. There will be profound shifts happening structurally, in our lives and world, at the deepest levels. The coming Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is exact Jan 12th, but within a degree Dec 31st – Jan 23rd. 

It’s for us to find ways to ground ourselves, to Ride the Elephant of these times, slowly, journeying into the new emergent reality to come. Let who you’ve been go. This is not a time to direct or manifest what we want, this is a time to meet Life, to meet This, well. This year is an ending in many ways, and on many levels, as much as it is the whisper of a beginning to come.

For truly meeting this time, I’m offering Inviting 2020, a brief course, process, and way of living, a practical approach to being in deep conversation with Life, to receiving and living the Invitations that the Universe is offering you.

Let this be the year that you learn to follow Life’s lead, and work with what​’s wanting to unfold, instead of efforting and being driven by what you think you want. Now’s the time.

Join us on this adventure in living from a different place in your being! We’re already rolling. (You can engage at your own pace and in your own way). Inviting 2020

Venus brightly shines as the Evening Star in the west-southwest early evenings. Saturn can still be seen lower down in the west for a couple weeks just as it gets dark. Mars graces the East before dawn. 

Moon emerges in the west as a slivered crescent, kissing serious Saturn on Dec 27th, then journeys on to visit Venus on the 28th for the 3rd vestment, conferring a ring of power, the power of freedom to love.​ Go out and say hello, and receive your own ring of power (just days after the ring of fire eclipse, just sayin’, we’re getting ready to ring in a new year and decade too). Rings announce marriages (what are you married to?), engagements (what are you promised to?) and authority (what do you give power to?). Ring!

Hear so much more in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Grounding in This,



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