Living Our Invitations 2021

$60.00 / month for 4 months




Living Our Invitations 2021

includes the Inviting 2021 course

Plus, 9 group Zooms over the course of the year that speak to the themes of what’s unfolding as we learn to live the invitations (rather than trying to make something happen), along the way being taught how to live invitingly.

We’ll track the unfolding of the year and the living of our invitations as a year-long lunar cycle, moving through the phases of crescent, sextile, waxing square, trine, and full, and all the way back to new. There’s a rhythm and clear phases to learning to live our invitations, times of getting to know, of challenge, or flow, of fullness, and letting go.

So much learning and deep fellowship happened through these Zooms this past year! 


Inviting 2021 is a brief, self-paced course offering a series of emailed audios & writings every few days for about 6 weeks, plus three live group Zooms (recorded).

The emails include step-by-step prompts for you to engage with, listen to, discover, eloquently articulate, and refine what the Universe is inviting you into for 2021, and ways of staying engaged with these invitations day-by-day throughout the year.

Three Zooms:

Being Invited
Sunday, December 13th, Noon (Pacific time)

Sunday, January, 10th, Noon (Pacific time)

Storying Our Invitations
Sunday, January, 17th, Noon (Pacific time)


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