Coming Home

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

I pause in my outpouring of lengthy and indepth cosmic updates that these times have asked of me, to encourage us all to take a breath. Exhale. Inhale.

Next weekend brings a Full Moon in Cancer Penumbral Lunar Eclipse with Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury on the Sun in Capricorn side, on Friday the 10th (9am-1:15pm Pacific Time, visible in far North America). And then, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct (exactly together) on Sunday the 12th. This all comes just as we move into the Moon of Attunement, and carries us from the Dog wave into the Night wave.

I’ll have a new podcast and email to you by then. Just know it’s a potent time of foundational transformation, esp around home, family, ancestors, and our way of being seen and known for what we do and who we are in the world. With all this Capricorn, this is also a time of a lot of work, but in a different way and from a different place in our beings than ever before (you might have noticed, ha)! There’s an opportunity in all of this to come home to ourselves in a new way.

Speaking of home, I’m looking for a new home! The house (with stargazing field) I’ve rented the past 10 years has been sold and I must be out by February 15th. Optimally, I’d love to rent a house in West Sonoma County, northwest of Sebastopol. It’s just me (and my thousands of books, and hundreds of tools and bottles, thus the need for a good-sized house and/or lots of storage/workshop/studio possibilities). I can pay what a few bedroom house is going for these days. I’d consider West Marin as well. Please keep an eye out and send any lovely new home possibilities my way. I’m particular about the energy and healthfulness of a place (of course), and will bring many good vibes to my next home! Living the mystery of where I will live six weeks from now…

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Venus shines bright white as the Evening Star high in the west, while Mars shines bright red high in the southeast before dawn (near the shoulder of the Scorpion this week).

Hear more on these times in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Coming Home,


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