Hands Move with Playful Purpose

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We continue with the Hand wave, and are still in the Moon of Purpose in this Wizard Originating year. We’re in the midst of learning how to do things (shaping, crafting, healing, accomplishing) ​in a different way and from a different place in our beings, more effortlessly and shapeshiftingly ​flowing with what’s wanting to unfold. ​

Two big time planet​s are stationing today, with Jupiter going direct in Sagittarius & Uranus turning retrograde​ in Taurus. ​Stationing is when a planet slows down and comes to a stop, and then changes its direction of movement (or so it appears!). This time of stationing is powerful, as there is a concentration of the energies in this place and moment, and then a shift! We’re being asked to do this too, to shift in two different directions at once! It’s trippy to learn to feel this energetically, as it happens, and to move with it. ​Since we’re learning to be Wizard​s now, this is the kind of opportunity to stretch our capacity to live the magic that we’re being invited into.

Moon has been dancing between Jupiter and Saturn as of late, and will be near Saturn in the south tonight. Go out and say hello! Also, the Perseids meteor shower peaks the next couple of mornings before dawn. Best around 2-4am (moon is up until around that time, but you’ll still see some shooting stars!).  

Next weekend begins a strengthening Virgo influence, but for now it’s still Leo season in a full-on personal planets kind of a way. This brings the playful to our purpose! Mercury moves into Leo today. Venus is exactly on the far side of Sun on Tuesday, Mars is still in Leo, and the Full Moon in Aquarius will shine opposite Sun and Venus Wednesday night into Thursday. It’s time to get majorly enthusiastic about our selves and our lives!! Humanity desperately needs us to find our passion, and live it generously, out loud. With the​ fullness of the Moon arriving on Thursday’s 8 Wizard day in this Wizard originating Year, this is a day for stepping more fully into living and embodying our Wizardry. 

Listen to my Moon 1 & New Year Podcast for an indepth storying. This Moon 1 podcast has been getting rave reviews. Give it a listen! Only a few clicks away… A profoundly new perception of who we are is possible.

I’ll be recording an Overview of the entire Year in the coming weeks, which will give you such a sense of the big happenings to come!​ Order the printed Wizard Originating Year Calendar Nowso you have it in time to follow along with the whole year story. ​

Happy Hands Moving with Playful Purpose,


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