Hand Holds a Fiery Ball of Light

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Through Thursday, we’re in the last days of Moon 1, the Moon of Purpose, in this Wizard Originating Year! We continue to originate from, sense our purpose, and draw in what​ we’ll be working with for this whole year. 

Potent shifts abound in this Hand wave, particularly with Venus and Sun in Leo opposite that Full Moon in Aquarius a few nights ago. The energies, themes, and challenges around love and money and self and what’s ours to do in service to humanity have really been strong! 

If we’re to live as Wizards, we must live differently than we have been. It’s time to be more honest, courageous, and mature, more discerning of what’s actually going on in ourselves and with those around us, more willing and able to shapeshift, ​less attached to and identified with the illusion of “who we are” and what we want and are entitled to, and less overwhelmed by fear.

Mars entered Virgo yesterday, bringing an opportunity for being in our Wizard Hands more masterfully, a time for sharpening and honing our skill. It’s time to engage our creative will, to choose and take action on what we know is possible. Venus joins Mars in Virgo on Wednesday, a meeting in deep service to making beauty and honoring the sacred in all. This is a different kind of love, and way of loving, that we’re being invited into. 

Tuesday is a 13 Storm Portal day ending the Hand wave, and I would suspect some energetic storming into freedom to pass through…

Starting Wednesday, Wizards Hands lightly​ hold the fiery ball of Sun, as we enter 13-days of developing our capacity to fluidly dance through shifting forms with ease and grace, absorbing vitality. Learn how not to be burned! Join with the​ light rather than shrinking in fear. Become an expression of the warmth and radiance rather than an observer or possesor of it. 

On Friday, Mercury moves beyond the retrograde shadow that began around Summer Solstice. Communicative issues and learnings lingering since will bring us to new territory. 

Listen to my Moon 1 & New Year Podcast for an indepth storying. This is a strong time of change, and having a sense of the story we are living is profoundly helpful! 

Order the printed Wizard Originating Year Calendar Now so you can follow along with the whole year story, as I’ll be recording an Overview of the entire Year in the coming weeks (which will give you such a sense of the big happenings to come)! ​I’ve found a way to do International Shippin​g that’s less expensive, email me!

Happy Hands Holding a Fiery Ball of Light,



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