Wizard Hands with Purpose

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

How’s the beginning of this Wizard year & journey going for you? 

We’re approaching the last days of the 13-day Wizard wave that’s introducing us to the operating principles and themes of this new way of living. 

I’ve been in a deep wizard retreat, and day by day find myself learning to let go of having an agenda. Ever more subtle layers of what​ an agenda looks like have been revealing themselves! And, some hours and days of amazing flow have woven through too. Welcoming what is here, right now, seems to be the main kind of action invited.

I’ve also been giving myself the spaciousness to allow a new vision of what my life wants to be to emerge. Tomorrow is one of those significant marker birthdays for me, so this is timely. I’m not talking about making goals, but more like seeing what​ is actually possible and wants to be. And, to live it mostly means my relaxing into letting life unfold as I truly honor and step into what’s true for me moment to moment, you know, effortlessly, like a Wizard, next level. 

On Thursday, we move into the 13-day Hand wave. New ways of doing and accomplishing emerge as Wizard Hands touch, craft, heal, shape, hold, and make, freely bringing tangible transformations through effortless, hands-on engagement with life. 

Listen to my Moon 1 & New Year Podcast for an indepth storying. This Moon 1 podcast has been getting rave reviews. Give it a listen! Only a few clicks away… A profoundly new perception of who we are is possible

Also this week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (depending in how you count), the Weaver Girl & Cowherd reunion happens in the sky story. If you’ve summer stargazed with me you may know what I’m referring to here. This story is embodied by the stars of the Summer Triangle (overhead in the evening). Long ago, The Weaver Girl (Vega) and the Cowherd (Altair) fell in love, but then they were just into being in love and not doing their sacred work and the world wasn’t woven into being and the cows were stomping the gardens. So, the lovers were placed either side of the Milky Way river, close and yet so far. And perhaps, this nearness and yearning, without having, serves in some deep ways. But, once a year, all the universe conspires to bring us together with our beloved, and on the 7th day of the 7th Moon, a flock of birds flies and makes a bridge (I always think Cygnus) across the river and the lovers are united. And so here are, and this year with Jupiter riding the red pulsing heart of the Scorpion (Antares) nearby too. A profoundly passionate and expansive coming together awaits…​

And so, we become Wizards with Hands, hands that can caress our beloved and do our sacred work. This theme will continue to deepen in the​ coming weeks and into Moon 2 as well.

Order the Wizard Originating Year Calendar for the New Year. This is a great companion to the Podcast. Free bonus pdf of the calendar for those who order by the end of the Wizard wave. 

Happy Wizard Hands Waving,


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