Wizard Originating New Year Podcast

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

This Friday, July 26, 2019, we enter a new calendar year. This Wizard Originating Year begins a new 13-year Wizard journey, initiating a time of learning to shapeshift in meeting the moment, with greater ease, while trusting ourselves and the unfolding of life

Wizard Originates, journeying well, inspiredly embodying the flowing fiery energy of Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, as Jupiter rides the red pulsing heart of the night-sky Scorpion.

Listen to my Moon 1 & New Year Podcast for an indepth storying. THIS is the podcast to listen to, if ever there was a time… In a few weeks I’ll do an overview of the whole year. For now, it’s all about the importance of engaging fully and deeply with this time. A profoundly new perception of who we are is possible

Order the Wizard Originating Year Calendar for the New Year. This is a great companion to the Podcast. Free bonus pdf of the calendar for those who order by the end of the Wizard wave. Backordered until Monday as the first printing sold out fast…

Happy Wizard Originating Year,


Upcoming Stargazing Offerings

Summer Stargazing Intensive, Saturday, August 24th (beginning to fill)

An Evening of Stargazing, Saturday, October 19th (family-friendly)

All Night Stargazing, Saturday, October 26th (epic!)

Essence Elixirs for the New Year
Hat in Hand
Star Wizards Attuning
2 Wizards Journeying
Restoring the Lizard Pond and the House of the Moon
And Then What Happens…?

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