Earth’s Moon Freedom Year Overview

Hear this telling of the whole storied year, all at once!

Earth’s Moon Freedom Year OVERVIEW
This audio gives you a glimpse into each moon of the year, as well as when the big times are coming and what their themes are likely to be. By the end, you’ll have a felt sense of the transformation this year brings! It’s amazing.

This Overview audio will be most useful to listen to if you have a printed calendar to view the moons of the year as I speak them. Purchase a Printed Calendar for this Earth’s Moon Freedom Year.

Also, I’d highly suggest that you listen to the Moon 1 & New Year audio prior to listening to this Overview audio.



p.s. I highly recommend taking notes right on your calendar! Yes that will mess up the pristine beauty, but it will greatly add to your seeing the shifts and learning from them! See how mine looks below!

2 Responses to Earth’s Moon Freedom Year Overview

  1. Leah August 8, 2018 at 9:49 pm #

    Oh, my. This overview so potent and such a treat to listen to after the rich overview of Moon 1. Thank you, Stargazer Li. I am also feeling the incredible beauty and human-spirit practice we’ll all be called to embody over this Earth’s Moon Freedom year. To remembering freedom!

    • Li August 21, 2018 at 5:19 pm #

      Greetings Leah, Thanks for saying so! I hope we keep remembering freedom and that we meet this year well as the challenges that help bring about greater freedom keep us honest! Ah, the beauty of reality… Be well, Li

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