Purposeful Night Warrior

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

I’m happy to report that Mercury is direct now, and slowly starting to move on. Some of the intensity of this retrospective time will slowly begin to ease. Give it a few days to gain some momentum…

We still have many planets retrograde, and Mars is slowing down to station direct in a little over a week, so it’s not time yet for major breaking of ground with new actions. Let this cycle play out, all the way through!! This is a time of reconsidering what we’re doing, and how, that can majorly change how we live our lives going forward. Allow yourself to truly consider anew what’s possible as your life!

In these last days of the Night wave, there’s a deep intense watery journey of Jupiter trine Neptune offering an infinite mystical expansion of the story we live, if we’re willing to give up our treasured comforting illusions Allow your languor. If you want, stay home (or even in bed or bath) curled up with a book. Let this be a dreamy day. See where it takes you… Ensure that the new story to be lived from within is a true story of you living your nature!

Last night (or tonight) could be counted as the 7th day of the 7th moon, when Weaver Girl (Vega) and Cowherd (Altair) are reunited via the bridge of birds across the Milky Way river. Just for a moment, longing can be met. Receive this rare embrace.

The Warrior wave begins Wednesday, on the last day of Moon 1, the Moon of Purpose and Originating. Warrior reminds us to freely, patiently, and respectfully, embody our presence and strength. Then, by the light of Moon shining with Mars, once again, we step from a grounded and purposeful place into meeting the challenge of relatedness (in Moon 2).

The planets are in the their places, as they have been for weeks now:

  • Venus shines bright in the west in the early evenings.
  • Jupiter can be seen in the south/southwest evenings, close to Zubenelgenubi.
  • Saturn is still near the Teapot toward the south, visited by the Moon on Monday evening.
  • Reddish Mars is shining bright in the east/southeast as darkness descends, visited by Moon on Wednesday evening.

Perhaps listen once more to this new year’s storying… Moon 1 and the New Year in my podcast. (Moon 2 podcast coming later this week. I will send the audio in a few days…)

Then listen to my Overview of the Earth’s Moon Freedom year. Moonth by moonth, discover the major shift points and themes about to unfold.

The printed Earth’s Moon Freedom Year Calendaris great for seeing the storied year unfold before you, showing the themes of what’s to come. Very helpful to have when listening to the Overview.

Happy Purposefully Night Warrioring,


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