Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast

Welcome to Moon 2 ~ the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge ~
in this Earth’s Moon Freedom Year
August 23 through September 19, 2018

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Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast

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Moon 2 Handout


Purchase a Printed Calendar for this Earth’s Moon Freedom Year to see the whole story and follow along during the overview and podcasts.


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Moon 1 New Year Audio Calendar Podcast

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One Response to Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast

  1. Venus August 23, 2018 at 6:45 am #

    Ah Miss Li, Having connected with your work and insight for years, which has been and is so appreciated I find myself asking why you do not use sidereal astrology? Tropical astrology is based on a calendar that does not represent actuality. Being a stargazer such as yourself is it not apparent the movement of planets through particular constellations? I am finding sidereal to be much more precise, question is why don’t you? I am asking respectfully. Thank-you for your time and consideration.

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