Warrior Meets the Challenge of Relatedness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, the Moon visits with Mars (in it’s final stage of extreme brightness, and FYI, Mars will never be as big as the Moon, despite what Facebook memes say!).

Together they shine, inviting us to become Warriors who stride into meeting the challenge of relatedness, here on the ever-shifting body of Earth, ripening into the living of gentle strength and engaged presence with respect for all of life.

This weekend, Saturn grand earth trines with Uranus and Sun, while the Full Moon shines in Pisces, and then Mars goes direct (on Monday). We’re invited to be direct, actively living and expressing with a strongly-rooted sense of our own authority and uniqueness, even as we meet the ineffable.

Hear the story of Moon 2, the Moon of Relatedness and Challenge, which begins tomorrow.

The planets are in the their places, as they have been for weeks now:

  • Venus shines bright in the west in the early evenings, now near Spica (the seed jewel int he hand of the goddess).
  • Jupiter can be seen in the south/southwest evenings, close to Zubenelgenubi.
  • Saturn is still near the Teapot toward the south.
  • Reddish Mars is shining bright in the east/southeast as darkness descends, with Moon tonight!

Happy Meeting the Challenge of Relatedness as an Embodied Warrior,



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