Ancestor Tracking

Finding Our Selves through Remembering Our Ancestors

Sept 18th – Nov 6th, 2018
Tuesday evenings 6–7:30pm
(pacific time), 8 weeks
Online Course with Recorded Zoom Videoconferences

We are made of our ancestors, their physicality and their experiences, their places and times, their hopes and fears…

For us to know our selves, to be at home in our bodies and lives,
to be able to live consciously here in a multi-dimensional universe,
to have a sense of connection and continuity that can foster respect,
we must know our ancestry.

And, I suspect, no little portion of the lack of respect for land and peoples exhibited by us in our culture comes from our lack of actual connection with or memory of our own lands and peoples…

In this Course, you will:

  • Build Your Family Tree in
  • Explore People and Place Name Etymologies
  • Gather and Craft Stories of your Ancestry
  • Learn to use DNA Tools​ for Connecting with Cousins and Deep History
  • Notice Psychic and Synchronistic Connections and Conversations
  • Become More Rooted in Your Experience of Being Human

This course is for you if you are ready to embark upon a grand adventure into knowing who and what you’re made of!



I hope to be ancestral deep diving with you soon!