Earth’s Moon Freedom New Year

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Such potent, challenging, and amazing times!!

The Skywalker Seeding Integration Year draws to a close tomorrow, after much journeying into growthfullness over the past year as we’ve integrated the cosmic and the organic in our beings and lives.

Wednesday, July 25th, is the Day Out of Time, which comes after Moon 13, as we leap  into the All-That-Is, before being drawn into Moon 1 of the new year. This is a day on which I make no plans and free myself from anything that “should be done,” giving me an opportunity to see what happens when I follow my naturalness. What if you took just one day and let go of all pre-conceived notions about what should happen? It can be interesting to see what you choose to do when you realize you are free to do anything!

This year, the Day Out of Time falls on a 12 Star portal day, in the Earth wave. This day offers the possibility of dancing with the Stars here on Earth, opening a mystic portal of cosmic delights as we remember where we truly are.

Also, on Wednesday, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo for the next few weeks!

Thursday, July 26th, brings the Earth’s Moon Freedom New Year in this calendar. Earth’s Moon rises in fullness and freedom, shining this year’s guiding light, our companion who circles around, tugging on our tides, shining the cool light of phases from slivered to full and back again, showing us freedom within rhythms and cycles, freedom to live our natures, while being shown signs of the times.

Six planets are retrograde right now (and another will join them in a couple of weeks), suggesting there’s not much straightforward about these times nor about freedom! Return to your origins. Reapproach, Reconsider, and Revise your life. Amidst a Saturn trine Uranus & square Chiron flowing dance of time and timing, we learn to take action and live our gifts rather than our wounds, here on Earth.

Notice what Moon activates, all year long. Moon with Mars (at its brightest!) shines in fullness the first night of the year, into the Dog wave, bringing a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius with Mars, on Friday, July 27th, as all the sunrises and sunsets of Earth pink the Moon (visible in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe). Loving and working freely and strongly embodied, engaging with groups of people in bringing forth the new and unique in perfect timing, this is our charge. Feel it. Want it. Live what you believe​.

Hear a long and deep storying of Moon 1 and the New Year in my free podcast. This is the most important podcast of the year (and the longest)! Give a listen…

The printed Earth’s Moon Freedom Year Calendar is Now Available.
See the storied year unfold before you, showing the themes of what’s to come. I’ll do an overview podcast covering the entire year soon.

The evening skies are filled with planets these summer nights:

  • Venus graces the west in the early evenings.
  • Jupiter can be seen in the south/southwest evenings, close to Zubenelgenubi.
  • Saturn is still hovering around the Teapot.
  • Reddish Mars is shining soooo bright in the east/southeast.
  • And Moon, shining in fullness!

Happy Earth’s Moon Freedom New Year,


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