Here Comes the Sun

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, just after sunset and into the gloaming, very low in the west, the slightest sliver of Moon visits Venus (newly returned from the underworld) for the 1st vestment, handing over root chakra robes amidst the portal of a freeing storm, with nearby Mercury surely having something to say about it! This is a time for each of us to don our beautiful​ robes, to feel and acknowledge the strength of our return to rooted embodiment in love and havingness. Moon will still be near Venus and Mercury the next two nights (further above each night).

Monday morning dawns the 13 days of the​ Sun wave, and fittingly enough, Tuesday morning brings the spring equinox, as the Sun bursts forth in Aries, springing anew, warming up and shining a light on what’s emerging. This is the springtime of the new beginning of ways of being in action that was birthed in early February. Ripen into this new beginning. Let the radiant Sun inspire new growth. And, use this energy to move things around and along. Spring cleaning is in order!

On Thursday the 22rd, Mercury goes retrograde in Aries for a few weeks, so the awakening impulse to push and ram things through may be strong in multiple directions! Let the impulse to redo, rethink, and re-discuss be followed as well. Given the dance with Venus in Aries, there is the will to love strongly, which has the potential to change how we think and speak.

If you’re up before the dawn, bright white Jupiter is in the southeast, and reddish Mars is getting closer and closer to yellowish Saturn lower in the east southeast.

Hear so much more in my Moon 9 podcast.

Happy Shining Abundance of Love,


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