Wizard Hands Make Real

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The birth of taking action in new ways, in effortlessly magical ways, and from new places in our bodies and beings, this week becomes even more Hands-on. 

Notice what’s now becoming real in your life, and in your being, out of the actions you’ve been taking, and how you’ve been taking them! We can now begin to see, tangibly, what comes of our crafting, shaping, and touching.

This is quite different from getting things done. It’s more of a collaborative emergence approach, to which we offer our selves. Don’t​ be too attached to how you thought you wanted things to be! As our actions start to make real, is the perfect time for tweaking and adjusting, as we see something new coming into form and get even better ideas of what could be.​ This is a conversation with life. It’s not about you imposing your will to try and get what you want. See what​ life is willing to gift and is suggesting too! Keep shaping and crafting with your new Wizard Hands, even as you’re​ being shaped and crafted in the process. 

If you’re up before the dawn, look to the south and southeast to see the waning Moon with bright white Jupiter on Wednesday, reddish Mars on Friday, then yellowish Saturn on Sunday. Embodying is definitely happening, expansively! Join us for the upcoming Winter Stargazing Intensive and we can say hello together to Venus low in the west at dusk, after singing the Sun down. If you see Venus tonight, you might even see very faint Mercury so close, just a pinky finger width to the right (binoculars will help)!

Hear so much more in my Moon 9 podcast.

In this time of the usefulness of magical approaches, I bring you the…
Top 7 Essence Elixirs of 2017
Honey Paw
Cosmic Fabulousity
Naked Presence
Today ~ All the Way
plus, the latecomer, rising star…
Total Eclipse of the Heart
What a story they tell of the year we lived! Which essences emerge and are most used is a kind of divination for me, and this list certainly reflects what was needed last year.
My sense is having these on hand is a good idea for 2018 too!
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Happy Magic Making,


Winter Stargazing Intensive
Saturday, March 10th, 4:30–11:30pm 

Get oriented to living on Earth, here in the cosmos!
Plus stars, lots of them, for hours…

Wood & Knife: A Basic Carving Project Day
March 31, 2018 ~ Outside Sebastopol, CA
Through carving a Swedish-style wooden Butter/Jam Knife, you’ll learn knife grips and cuts (as well as safety and sharpening), how to work with the grain of the wood, and finishing techniques.

Datebook 2018
A colorful and curvaceous week-at-a-glance calendar for 2018 (January–December), showing the day signs, numbers and waves for each day.
Still a few left…

Essence Elixirs 
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Highly Recommended:
Total Eclipse of the Heart, This, and Cosmic Fabulousity. 


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