Cosmic Fabulousity


for expressing and carrying ourselves with playfully relaxed dignity


Ingredients: spring water, chocolate and mint liqueurs, vanilla syrup, cacao essential oil, and the essence of finding and expressing our true voices and gifts with playfully relaxed grace and dignity.

cosmic fabulousity at stonehenge

Photo by YesheRabbit Matthews


  1. Li


  2. hollyholbrook

    I bought two bottles of the Cosmic Fabulousity, one for myself and one for a dear friend, as we’ve both been going through a hard time lately. Well, ever since taking it (once a day for me, many times a day for her) we are both feeling better and I have seen personally a shift in my perspective and all the good things are coming to me now.

    Best purchase I could have made. Just having it on my vanity and taking some every morning makes me happy.

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